The Art of Being a Sales Copywriter

There’s an Art to being a Sales Copywriter, and Publishing Viral Content?

Is your content just NOT converting visitors into sales regardless of what you do? Are you getting poor bounce rates and zero sharing of your content? When I started digital marketing over a decade ago, I knew there was something that made web content special, but I just couldn’t put my finger on what it was.

Today, technology gives us raw data that proves exactly what works and what doesn’t. There’s an Art to being a sales copywriter. Come on in, thanks for coming by, I hope you discover something of value.

I discovered an extraordinary fact, that may surprise you, but it is something that will make complete sense to you on reflection.

They say, a picture is worth a 1000 words, and in today’s digital and data driven world, a picture is proving to be so much more.

An image of a person can release powerful chemicals called oxytocin into your blood stream which is proven to increase the feeling of empathy and trust.

The release of Oxcytocin leads to more sales by bypassing the reptilian brain‘s main function: to protect us from the unknown.

The right imagery subconsciously creates a sense of commitment to you and your brand, which will help cultivate a sense of tribalism.

Oxytocin stimulates the neural network and engages the brain with the content being viewed. With this kind of access to your potential customer’s attention, now is the time to choose your words wisely.


TOP TIP: For maximum results, try to use an image that draws attention towards your headline or call to action. As you can see from heat map technology which study’s user eye path, the image of the baby generated more intensely engaged readers when the baby faced the headlines instead of the reader.

The Secret to Powerful Headlines That Sell

What if you could get potential customers to stop, just long enough to engage with your content, while they are skipping from website to website in search of solutions to their challenges? Don’t forget, you have between 2 and 6 seconds to convince your potential customer to stick around.

So you’ve got their attention with an image, now how do you spark and interest with your headline?

Keep reading because I’m going to give you the answer. It’s so simple by design that you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it yourself. It will engage your potential customer and they will “want” to keep reading.

Check out the screen shot below. The spikes are articles that got the most shares.

Do you want to know what the top shared posts all had in common?

Chart displays top socially shared posts

Then BAMM… You’ll Have Their Attention, Now Tell The Hero’s Story and Your Message Will Spread Like Wildfire!!!

The hero’s story? This is the rabbit in a hat for a magician and it is the key to success for any sales copywriter.

We’ve told stories around fires from when we existed in a time free of mortgages:  caves!

We still tell stories today, in fact, last week I spent time telling stories to some younger family members around the fire in our backyard. If we’re not in a caves or around fires, we’re probably in a pub, where we hear the greatest of stories ever told.

The human’s infatuation with a story is in our DNA.

It’s how we pass knowledge and wisdom. In fact, the best motivational speakers who can invigorate a group of people to change their life’s, use story telling as a way of delivering their messages. Look at it like parables from a bible or children’s story book.

Why do you think Facebook and other social media platforms have spread like wildfire throughout all age groups?

Because Facebook users are telling their story AND the public love to hear about other people’s stories.

B2B sales can sometimes have a sterile “professionalism” about it.

I for one, was quite hesitant to rock the boat for fear of devaluing my personal brand. That was up until I really started to get my head around the facts and figures of behavioral economics and neural marketing, now I try to take a personal tone and tell a story with each article, which I hope you enjoy.

TOP TIP: Don’t be afraid to discuss your feelings or share mistakes. As long as you have a positive outcome, readers will be more engaged with your message. Remember it’s an engaged reader that shares your content online, buys your products and services, and becomes your brand champion.

The Smart Way to Achieve More Rankings, Visitors and Sales with Your Content Strategy

Most companies believe people won’t take the time to read their content. So they get straight into selling. They think they have limited time to get their point across to the audience so they rush what they say. This is simply not true.

The fact of the matter is, your audience won’t read crap and egotistical sales pitches about how “great” a company is.

Potential customers want to hear that you understand their specific needs and how a specific solution will fix their emotional problems.

It’s proven over decades that long sales copy and sales pitches are far superior than short. You just have to see some of Dan Kennedy’s work to witness it

short copy length vs long

Crazy egg increased their copy length by 20 times! The result? 363% in crease in conversions.

How much revenue could you generate if you were to increase your online conversions by 363%?

If each customer was worth £100 and you had 10 per week. That would be income of £1000. Increase by 363% = £3,630.

That’s an additional £3,630 per week or £31,560 of additional revenue per year!

That increase in revenue is all achieved without the costs of increasing traffic.

There are exceptions to long copy and that’s why you need to always be testing. Generally speaking, longer copy sells.


Because if the person is engaged in the idea of a solution, they’ll have loads of questions, and long copy allows you to give compelling and relevant solutions to these objections that potential customers may have.

You wouldn’t walk into a bar and say do you wanna come home with me the prettiest girl or boy, would you? No!

You would show interest by asking about the person and find common ground. Right?

A competitive advantage arises when you build trust, credibility and lower the strength and quantity of their reasons NOT TO BUY.

Let your competitors just throw irrelevant sales hype at the wall and you can increase your market share by empathising with your visitors and helping them understand what problems your product or services solve!

Maybe you are afraid to write too much content because you will bore your audience? Then you must read on!!

3 Surprising Facts You Didn’t Know about Copy Length!!

Bar chart : Content vs RankingsThere are other benefits to long copy. Here’s a diagram that shows the top 10 results in Google for a searched term by copy length. Your website will rank better in Google and you will get more traffic and leads by fleshing out your content.

Visitors love engaging content. The more the better. Keep you content compelling and people will share it on loads of social platforms. Let your customers do your marketing and generate traffic by increasing your copy length.
bar graph conmtent vs social shares

The more valuable and educational your content is, then the more social shares you will get for your content. Notice how social shares increase with copy length.

People are generally more inclined to link back to an in-depth discussion of a topic than they are to link to a short summary of a topic.

Google now uses social sharing as a leading variable in which results are displayed in organic listings.

Graphs display content vs link results

TOP TIP: Create a memorable experience by using your hero story and don’t be afraid to go into details about your journey. People will love it, read it and share it. In return, you’ll get more shares, links and better rankings which all lead to revenue generation.

Create compelling and informative content and you will see better rankings and backlinks. If you just fill your content with filler, you’ll do more damage to your brand. Don’t forget, first impressions count and people are less likely to come back if you try hard sales tactics and fill your content with rubbish.

Can You Make Your Links More Irresistible by Using Command Words?

What if you could double your social media following from your existing traffic? Dustin Curtis tried it on his blog and after testing multiple calls to action he found this surprising result.

statistics display command sales copy results

TOP TIP: As you can see, not only did commanding an audience to follow him on twitter increase his following, but adding a destination point (here) to complete their action increased conversions even more.

It has also been proven that adding time scarcity can increase action from readers and buyers. Words like “now” and “today” also have a better conversion ratio when attached to call to actions.


Build Subscribers with Content Marketing Quickly with These 5 Golden Rules

A strong email list is like Gold to any business. You don’t have to worry if social media platforms were to crash, or if Google was to stop listing your website from an algorithm arrow-trupdate, your email list will always give you direct access to potential customers. Build your list with our content marketing golden rules.


Don’t Forget That Your Words Create Action

Gone are the days of flyer style websites where business states who they are, what they do and how great they are.

People are just not inclined to buy from this style of business anymore.

We have seen the birth of the “The Art of Online persuasion”.

Nueromarketing and behavioral economics have given us insight into the black box of the human psyche.

Never has it been easier to out sell and compete with your competitors than now.
the psychology of text in CTA's;

A company called unbounce changed their call to action text as seen above. The result? A 90% increase in conversions for the button on the right.


The word “My” on the right button implies pre-ownership, and as we feel we already own it, we continue with the process.

You’ve seen what your copy could achieve with existing traffic by using some of the examples I’ve used so far. What revenue numbers could achieve if you combined these techniques?

Engage the Senses

Imagine a colorless existence, where food has no taste, skin has no sense of touch and everything smells the same.

This type of copywriting is not very appealing, is it?

A woman smelling a flower engaging the senses like you would with content marketingNow imagine, a warm sunny day, sitting on a deck looking at the ocean waves massaging the sandy oceanfront. Envision sitting on a deck without a t-shirt and feeling a relieving cool breeze against your torched skin. The ice jingles in your drink as you quench your warm thirst, and you think how much better this paragraph is than the first.

One of the most powerful ways to engage the psychology of the reader and connect with them is through the use words to engage the senses.

It helps to draw the reader in and so they can experience your product or services, and create a deep connection with your brand.

Notice the command words “imagine” and “envision”

Now imagine you’ve spent the past two weeks researching how to build back links and traffic for your website.

You were inspired from research and spent some late nights working.

You sacrificed spending time curled up with your loved ones or abandoned the gym or your guitar because you are determined to drive up sales to pay the bills.

You sit looking at the analytics on your screen and see loads of visitors, you smile and congratulate yourself on a job well done.

Heart Stopping ContentYou check your sales and your heart stops for a split second.

You scratch your head wondering why sales are just not coming in. You’ve loads of traffic but no sales.

You frantically click buttons on your mouse to check your links and sales funnel to see if something is wrong.

The nights get longer and days shorter, summer becomes winter and the feeling of success, like the weather, has gone cold.

You think what did I do wrong?

Lost,  you stumble upon this article.

Light bulb moment!

We hope you enjoyed the article and become the ultimate sales copywriter in your niche!

Hello, I’m author of this post. I help businesses like yours create memorable brands, get found online by “ready to purchase” web searchers. I also use nueromarketing techniques and coversion rate optimisation to influence web visitors to “buy now”.

I have worked with companies like IBM & BT Telecom and have started several small businesses so I understand how you feel.

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