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The Art of Being a Sales Copywriter

Uncover The Secrets to Epic Content and Viral Shares Right Now

Today, technology gives us raw data that proves exactly what works & what doesn’t. I discovered an extraordinary fact, that may surprise you… Learn new secrets to powerful headlines, 3 surprising facts you didn’t know about copy length, how to make your links more irresistible and more!

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How Email Marketing Can Be Effective for Your SEO Campaign

How Email Marketing Can Be Effective for Your SEO Campaign

Your business is growing because you’ve invested time social media and your website’s content. In fact, you attract subscribers to your email newsletters, but now you’re ready for BETTER organic traffic & sales! This article breaks down how your email content can improve your SEO rankings.

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Human to Human Marketing – 5 Emotions Every Marketer Must Recognise

Implement Emotional Triggers with Your Human to Human Marketing

Dissect and understand the 5 emotions that drive your target audience to choose YOUR BUSINESS as THE SOLUTION to fulfills their needs. Discover examples of how utilizing this language in your digital media can strengthen your brand recognition and strategy TODAY!

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Learn How & Why to Use Interviews for Top Quality Content & Leads

A NEW WAY to Develop Top Quality Content to Attract Leads & Generate Sales

Sure, you can research without speaking with anyone, but that’s like learning a new language from only a book. The result will most likely not connect. This article delivers a new way of utilizing your valuable ‘research time’ by learning from those who are in the know versus a page with words on it. Read on!

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7 Ways to Never Run Out of Fresh Content Ideas

Organic Website Traffic Requires Fresh Content Ideas, BUT…

Consistently delivering evergreen content that provides the level of value to your target audience desires, can be challenging. This article delivers 7 ways to never run out of fresh content ideas. Read it through, take what works for you and let us know if you need a little more direction.

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What is Long Tail Keyword Research & How to Do It in 2016

The Best Way To Magnetically Generate Traffic With Key Words

The goal of this article is to save you from wasting the time and money waist that I did when I first started with keyword research and search engine optimisation, This post shares how to attract ready-to-buy prospects via SMART keyword research. Discover how simple ranking is when you know my long-tail secrets. Read On!

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How Solution Selling Can Grow Your Business

The Four Stages of Solution Selling for Products and/or Services

The difference between ‘solution selling’ and ‘feature selling’ is that solution selling is about customer satisfaction, customer perceived value and trust. If you believe you have to give your products away to compete online, please read this article and let us know if you need more guidance.

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3 Ways to Engage Visitors and Create Explosive Online Sales with Psychology

What to Consider When Trying to Persuade Potential Customers to Take Action on Your Website

You only have 3 seconds to move yourself into the line (of what seems like a speeding bullet of a visitor) and grab hold of them on their journey. Once you have them, just like traffic signs, you have to give them clear evidence & direction for them to stay. To learn to guide them from the point they saw you, to what you have for them… Read on!

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4 Content Marketing Techniques from Real Case Studies That Will Have Your Boss Kissing Your Ass!

Get Yourself A Raise, Another Weeks Vacation or A Better Parking Spot

This post includes 4 case studies: Find out how one business achieved a 20% jump in sales and another had 68% more conversions by changing a few words. One business even INCREASED SALES 591% by moving one visual on their website. Read on and let us know which change you’re going to try.

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Short Copy is Handy, No Doubt, But Here’s 4 Shocking Benefits to Longer Copy That Will Make You Think Twice

The Benefits of Longer Copy, Geared Towards Building a Relationship via Education

This post reveals how to provide valuable, engaging and informative content during your prospects pivotal research stage, to develop trust and credibility as a potential supplier. Read on and let us know if you’d like to discover more options for your business.

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