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One website across all devices

The world is changing quickly. Google is rolling out 3G through hot air balloons that circulate the globe and allows people from all over the world to access the internet from their mobile device. It’s more important now than ever before to have web design which is easy to navigate and offers a seamless user experience regardless of the device your customer will use.

The new Google algorithm comes out in April. Google will rank mobile friendly websites accordingly, so now is the time to make the change before your business cash-flow is obstructed. Exodus offer responsive websites which offer your visitors outstanding usability and accessibility while offering you innovative functionality.


increase leads responsive web design

Customer Friendly

Content is king,¬† yes, and discover-ability is a valued metric, but it’s the user experience that enables your audience to consume content on any device at anytime. Get more calls because they can engage with you without the need for resizing or scrolling.

Mobile responsive website management

Easy to Manage

Having a separate desktop and mobile site requires separate SEO campaigns. One website is easier to manage than two. Use the same content and strategy across all devices and save time updating your content.

cost effective web design

Cost Effective

One website costs less than two. An unresponsive website is inconvenient and you can be sure most people will jump straight to your competition for a better experience if your website is not responsive. Save money and generate more revenues with responsive design.

telephone calls increase with design

Better Rankings

Google recommends updating to a mobile friendly website.¬†Responsiveness is a major factor in rankings and SEO, and it’s easier to share content, interact and link to content that is mobile responsive.


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