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User Experience (UX)

Understanding what your visitors want and giving it to them quickly and easily is the key to delivering your audience a better online experience.

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Goal Orientated Design

Developing a pretty website is easy, but developing one that is designed to accomplish your business’s goals takes strategic thinking and research. We learn about your business, understand your clients and users needs before we create content and site architecture.

We invest in this background research before we focus on design, interaction and usability. Not only will both you and your customers love your new website, but it’s design will drive traffic and sales while reducing your marketing, administration and advertising costs.



 How We Focus on User Experience

Here are some of the benefits using our user experience design.


Easily manage and publish content

Site Objectives

Identification of business, creative or other internally derived goals for the site.

CMS Design Flexibility

User Needs

Identification of externally derived goals for the site through user research and psychographics.

Rich library of content

Content Requirement

Define content elements required in the site in order to meet users needs.

website security with CMS

Information Architecture

Structural design of the information space to facilitate intuitive access to content.

ecommerce scalability options

Information Design

Design the presentation of information to facilitate user understanding.

increase leads responsive web design

Navigation Design

Design the interface elements to facilitate the user’s movement through the information architecture.

Grow your email list

Visual Design

Visual treatment of text, graphics, page elements and navigational components

telephone calls increase with design


Finally, use of heat maps and click analysis to identify areas of improvement from new users and fresh eyes.


How You Save with User Experience Design (UX)

Here are some of the benefits using our user experience designed websites


Performance: Increased ease of use and ease of learning helps reduce user errors, saving time and money.

Exposure: Increased new and returning visitors with enhanced user experience.

Credibility: Improved user satisfaction generates trust from your audience and increase visitor referrals.

Resources: Reduction in support costs, training, documentation costs, maintenance, development time and redesign costs. Overall increase in ROI.


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