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So You Have A Website With No Traffic, And What Now? How Can Internet Marketing Help?

Internet marketing is the most cost efficient practice of reaching your targeted market. It’s the process of promoting your brand, products or services online.

The goal is to attract targeted prospects, generate leads, and finally, it’s about building a line of communication with potential customers through email marketing to convert those leads into sales.

For the sake of discussion will focus on 3 ways you can attract new prospects:

1) Pay Per Click Advertising (PPC),
2) Content Marketing (blogging),
3) Social Media Marketing.

1) Attract Prospects with PPC Marketing

Paid Advertising: There are many ways to advertising online. Why should your company look at implementing paid adverts?

64% of search engine clicks are on paid adverts!

Adwords Internet Marketing Analysis

a) Facebook Paid adverts

Facebook is by far the most profitable PPC platform for internet marketing. It allows you to target your exact market demographics.

For example, you can choose to advertise to only business owners, who hold a university degree, who are between the ages of 35 and 45, are male, and live in Belfast. Now that’s specific!

When you compare Facebook PPC to a leaflet drop in your home town where you could be dropping off leaflets that advertise for children’s mixed martial arts classes to homes which have no children, you can begin to see how your return on investment will be far higher with PPC.

The image below displays the analysis of a recent Facebook advert. The data shows some interesting points. It tells me that the most likely prospects who are in the market for a new website are men aged 45 -54 and women aged 25-34.

In addition, the call to action on this advert was for someone to “like” the post to enter the competition. It cost me £7.00 and I now have the contact details to 9 prospects who are in the market for a website. That was almost £1 per lead. Not bad.

The beauty of Facebook is that you can create a custom audience. Facebook give you a pixel that you can put on your website that will record anyone who has a Facebook account and visits your website. The result?

You can re-target this custom audience at a later date with another offer. Because you know what pages they visited on your website, your next advert campaign can be designed to be more relevant to their indicated interests.

Facebook marketing advert analysis

The above information gives me insight into my target market and allows tells me to alter my message on my next advert. I can design an advert with different images and include compelling content for that chosen demographic with the goal of achieving more engagement and identifying prospects.

b) Twitter Paid Adverts

Twitter is fast becoming a useful PPC internet marketing platform. Watch this short video and twitter will show you how it works better than I can explain it.

The below image is a Twitter advert I ran. Each person that clicked on the advert agreed to exchange their email address for the information I provided. This is powerful stuff. I can now target those prospects with services through an email marketing campaign.

And not just any old email campaign, but one that is designed specifically around their indicated interests.

Twitter Marketing Advet Analysis

c) Google Adwords Paid Adverts

Here’s a short video giving you the benefits of Google Adwords.

2) Attract Prospect with Content Marketing (Blogging)

Organic marketing is also known as content marketing (blogging). It involves creating content which your target market is interested in and optimising it (search engine optimisation) to display in the top rankings of search engines.

The next step is to create valuable information that helps your audience solve a problem.

Which factors does Google look at in order to give your content priority over your competitors content? Take a look below. These are some of the things you will need to work on in order to rank high in the search results.

Google factors for search engine opimisation

Are you new to search engine optimisation (SEO)?

Here is Google’s Search Engine Optimisation Starter Guide. Get everything you need to understand how the mechanics of SEO works. This knowledge will allow you to easily monitor and measure your SEO providers efforts. Click on the image and follow the guide to get started ranking on top of search engine results.

Table of ContentsGoogle's Search Engine Guide

  • Create unique, accurate page titles
  • Make use of the “description” meta tag
  • Improving Site Structure
  • Improve the structure of your URLs
  • Make your site easier to navigate
  • Optimizing Content
  • Write better anchor text
  • Optimize your use of images
  • Use heading tags appropriately
  • Make effective use of robots.txt
  • Be aware of rel=”nofollow” for links
  • SEO for Mobile Phones

3) Attract Prospects with Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is about building relationships with people who could be prospects. Deliver high quality content that helps them solve their challenges or simply entertain them and they will keep you in mind when they want your products or services.

Start by creating accounts on Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Then generate content or share content with your audience from around the web. Create a link to your website on your profile and you will begin to see interested prospects visiting your website to learn more about your company and evaluate if you are a fit for their needs.

Google+ Personal Profile

Top Tips:
1) Google+ profiles get far more engagement than business pages. So use your personal profile to help build your audience.
2) When in Google+ use the search bar and enter “keyword” + “circles”. You can then add 100’s of targeted followers at once.
3) Use hashtags (#) with keywords on all your posts so that people can find your content easily.

I don’t brand my Google+ profile but I do try to build authority and credibility so that people I target will be interested in networking. On this profile page I share all content that interests me, including content that is business related.

Really, I treat my business profile as an area where I can cultivate my position as a thought leader and influencer within the digital marketing industry. As you can see it has over 83k visits and it helps to build awareness about who I am and what I do. I also have over 2.5k followers who share my articles and +1 my content.

Social Media Marketing dividerTwitter Business Profile Marketing

Top Tips:
1) Never follow more people than are following you. Following too many accounts reduces your influence, increases your spam score and does not make people feel special enough to follow you back.
2) Use manage flitter to unfollow those that are not following you back and to identify influencers in your industry.
3) Try to acknowledge your followers and promote them from time to time. They will in turn retweet your content and promote you as a brand to follow.

twitter online marketingAs you build your followers, your content will gain far more exposure, all at no cost to you. You will have 1000’s of people ready to share your links, products or services with their 1000’s of followers.

In turn, this will drive prospects to your website and also show search engines that your content is worth ranking for because of the amount of visits it generates and the amount of times it has been shared.

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