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Free Online Website Builders | 6 Reasons NOT to Make a Website

9 Reasons To Help you Figure Out If You Should or SHOULDN’T Build Your Own Website

These include the reasons why you might think making your website with a free online website builders and free website creator software is a good idea… as well as the reasons to stay away from making your own website with these tools. Read on. Let us know if you have questions.

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Why You Should Be Experimenting With Expanded Google Text Ads

Why You Should Be Experimenting With Expanded Google Text Ads

What you want to know about the long-awaited Expanded Google Text Ads that were released earlier this summer. Discover the fundamental changes. Uncover how digital marketers should be approaching their text ad strategies, now.

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Developing A Creative Marketing Communication Message & Strategy

Establish A Creative Marketing Communication Message & Strategy

DISCOVER the secrets of headlines, images, colors & content that allow you to out rank your competition on Google. With our downloadable competitive analysis worksheet you can develop a thorough competitor analysis that drives targeted “ready to buy customers” to your website. Get it now!

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The Magic of Thinking Small Business Branding

Contrary to Popular Belief, Branding is More Than Just a Logo

To step ahead of your competition, you may want to evaluate how you are implementing ALL 3 ELEMENTS of your banding, within The Branding Triangle. This article offers a deep understand on how everything works together and how you can use ALL THE ABOVE to generate more sales for your business.

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6 Questions to Ask When Building An Online eCommerce Website

The Answers to These SIX QUESTIONS Will Help You Set Your Course for a Money Making Online Store

The life of an online store starts by aligning your business strategy with your customers’ needs. This article will help you establish were to start with building your website & promotional channels as well as set up the logistics for customer handling and secure transactions. Continue reading.

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Google’s “Phantom” Update Shakes Webmasters : Rankings Drop!

Don’t Let Google’s “Phantom” Update Shake YOU Up

If you are a webmaster, or SEO guru that takes pride in all things Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin and Mobile then you’ll want to know about Google’s latest “Phantom” algorithm update. Read on to better understand the NEW playing field.

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Internet Marketing Belfast, Northern Ireland

The 3 Simplest Ways To Attract New Prospects:

Internet marketing is the most cost efficient practice of reaching your targeted market. This post breaks down HOW TO ATTRACT targeted prospects, generate leads, and finally, how to build a line of communication with your new potential customers through email marketing and social media to convert those leads into sales.

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How to Make My Website Responsive With A Plugin

If Your Website Is Still Not Responsive, This Simple Solution Could Be For You

This article will help you find out if your website is eligible for a responsive upgrade or if you need to start from scratch. If you want to know what your options are, take a few minutes to read this post. Regardless of the direction you need to go, you’ll find an appropriate solution here.

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