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If you are anything like me, then your eyes probably crossed when you first opened a Twitter account. It took a while for me to get my head around things, and luckily, when I had a question some really friendly people took the time to help me out. Since then, my twitter marketing has taken off!


1) from IBM tweeting about #Bigdata.

2) from tweeting about #seo and a published author.

3) who publishes great information on #blogging.

I would like to #payitforward and help others who have come after me. I was asked some questions from a new Twitter user   They were the same questions that I had, and questions I have heard from clients when first opening a Twitter account.

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Here’s what Silviu asked me.

How does Twitter work?

In my response, I requested that he ask me all the questions he had, so that I could identify what information he needed, specifically.

What Do #Trends Mean? Do I Use Trending Hashtags or Do I Create My Own?

What does #trend mean?

A hashtag (#) is a way of labeling the theme of a tweet. Including a # with a keyword means that people around the world will be able to see your tweet, if they search for that specific # keyword.

The hashtag #trend is a label that is used to label global relevant conversations that are trending on Twitter at that moment.

Without hashtags, you are only talking to the people who follow you. Your tweets will show only in their Twitter feed.

A hashtag usually starts to trend around world events and witty banter. Such as #Thedress which was an over night sensation or #hurricankatrina, a natural disaster.

Why Are Hashtag Trends Different Each Day?

why do hastags change?

Hashtag popularity will vary depending on the time of the day and the quantity of engagement a hashtag gets. There is a good article here on Forbes magazine that discusses why a hashtag is #trending and how to make a #hashtag go viral.

Imagine for a moment that you are in a global conversation with millions of people. How do you reach out to the people you want to talk to across a sea of virtual bodies? You use hashtags!

If you use a trending you become involved in conversations with 1000’s if not millions of people. If you use a niche hashtag you enter into more intimate conversations.

For example, if you want to talk with plumbers then you could search #plumbers to see who is talking about plumbers and then engage in a conversation.

Yes, you can use your own hashtags. However, it’s like opening a chat room in the old msn days. If no one knows about it, then know one will see it or talk about.

However, it’s not unheard of for personal hashtags to get some viral success because they just make sense to people. #Selfie and #fail could act as examples.

Trending hashtags are the hashtags that you will find on the left hand side of the of your screen.

Trending hashtags, what are they?

64% of people using Google search engine don’t realise that the top results and right hand side results in search engines are paid adverts.

In Google, these are also the the links that get the most clicks.

Over 60% of clicks on search results are on the top 3 results. This is causing content search engine optimisation specialists to reevaluate their five year plans! Anyway, Twitter uses a similar methodology for displaying adverts.

The top tweet and top trending tweet are usually paid adverts.

Companies that advertise on twitter use analytics to deliver very specific messages and to their targeted demographic data in order to present their adverts to those twitter users most likely to engage with their brand.

For more on setting up your twitter advert campaign you can visit the Twitter website here.

For 3 case studies on companies that successfully implemented Twitter advert campaigns, you can check out Jeff Bullas’ article here.

How Do I Make a Tweet Public and Private?

How to make a tweet public or private

To make a conversation private between you and someone else, start your tweet with the @ sign. A good example, is actually the above tweet.

To make your tweet visible to all your followers start your tweet with any character. Just do not start the tweet with an @.

An example below.

make a tweet public

What Does RT and TY Mean?

what does RT mean in Twitter

RT means retweet. It is usually included in a tweet where people want to add comments to your tweet and still broadcast it to their network. The normal retweet function does not allow you to retweet with comments and this is why they include RT in their tweet.

TY simply means thank you.

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