Twitter Followers Guide: The No Bullshit Guide

The Twitter Follower Guide: A No Bull Shit Guide to More Followers.

Do you remember the buzz you got from your first follow? Do you remember the questions you asked yourself when someone first unfollowed you? What did I say? What I do wrong? Now that you have had a Twitter account for a while, do you feel some despair? Are you following far more people than you get followed? Are you feeling a bit lost about how to get people to follow you back and grow you account?

Social media marketing is all about social proof! What’s social proof? Social proof is a herd mentality of the human and is covered in Nietzsche Herd Mentality. To put it simply, us humans are kinda like sheep. We follow the crowd. We follow leaders and influencers daily. The herd mentality has such as strong influence on us that it can lead to global changes.

In fact, some say that it led to the bank disasters we witnessed over the past few years. People witnessed other people queuing to take their money out of a bank, then the herd followed in a mass exodus, emptying bank accounts within days.

What’s herd mentality got to do with social media marketing?

This twitter follower guide will give you insight into the psychology of Twitter. People follow other people they perceive to be leaders.

What is a leader? Somebody that follows their own direction.

Someone that people join with and listen to. A leader is a person who only follows key thought leaders that were instrumental in that person’s own philosophy or moral compass.

If you witness a social account whereby a person only follows a handful of select people, and whom which many follow, it creates a psychological value within you. Simply, we think, “that person must have something important to say because they have many followers yet that person only follows a select few.”

Now imagine for a minute that a person with 1000’s of followers, begins to follow you without you following them first. Immediately, you think, wow, they followed me? Why did such a high profile person follow me? It would feel good right? It rubs your ego the right way and gives you a sense of importance.

Would you follow them back?

Who wouldn’t you follow back?

Believe it or not, not following back people who followed you is the #1 reason you can’t keep followers. I used to think it would be a widely accepted common courtesy. However, after working with a few people I found the following alarming trend.

The ego is getting in the way of people’s ability to grow their followers.

This is what I found, and it’s why I set up the twitter follower guide.

My clients felt they didn’t need to follow back those who had followed them. Instead of following back those who followed them, they just tried to follow more people who are not already following them.

This was a huge surprise to me. Personally, even I felt it difficult in the beginning to unfollow Twitter accounts that had not followed me back, and so did my clients. My clients kept thinking whomever they followed would eventually get around to following them back. But sadly, this rarely happens with accounts that are not managed correctly.

The end result is a “poor value” perception, you end up following too many people that are not following you back. People see this and think “Nobody cares what this person says”.

Let’s take a look at people who I had followed BUT did not follow me back.

Here’s a list of people who were aggressively looking for followers, yet they did not follow me back after a week! Surely if they were looking for new followers they would have followed me back?

See how they were following hundreds if not 1000’s of people. Look at the time stamp. They were tweeting yet they still had not followed me? Why?

Twitter Psychology

Why were these people not following me back? They were obviously trying to get more followers, right? They couldn’t possibly be interested in 1000’s of other accounts, and not me?

Once I realised the fact that people felt inclined not to follow back those who followed them, it radically changed how I looked at twitter. Now I follow loads of relevant accounts each day, and if they don’t actively manage their account and follow me back, then I unfollow within 3 days.

Now, let’s take a look at Twitter accounts that DID followed me, which I did NOT follow back.

Follower / Following Ratio

This person is following 424 yet has only 36 followers. They recently followed me. Am I going to follow them back? Nope.

Let’s take a deeper look. Very few people follow them. In other words, very few people think that what they have to share is of value. They also follow many more, which tells me they are a consumer of information, not a producer of information. In other words, the probability of that person providing me with new insightful relevant information is low. They are part of the herd, not leading the herd.

It’s also a bit of an insult because they don’t seem to value my information. They seem to be just trying to collect followers. These accounts are usually spam accounts. They just want followers. They will probably not retweet your content very much, if at all.

If they are doing any retweeting then they’re probably only retweeting high value accounts for attention. They are simply trying to influence accounts to follow them back.

TOP TIP: Don’t be fooled by getting favorites. You want your content shared, favorites don’t do anything to help your publicity.

Now that I know more about the psychology of Twitter, I was able to create a winning strategy that has increased my followers of to over 2000 in just 6 weeks. I’m about to share it with you 🙂

Here’s a Step by Step Twitter Follower Guide to Increasing Your Twitter Followers

This may be a bit unsettling to you because it means looking at Twitter a new way, but follow the the instructions.

1) Log into ManageFlitter, Click on The “Not following Back” Link.

ManageFlitter has to be one of the best tools I have come across for giving me a solid analysis of those who are following me.

Twitter Follower Guide


It’s also great for filtering through Twitter accounts to find targeted, relevant influencers in your market. There’s a free versions and a paid version. You just have to make this tool part of your arsenal.

2) Unfollow Everyone in That List Who Is Not following You Back.

I found that this step scares people. Here’s what you need to know, if they haven’t followed you within a few days, then they probably won’t follow you.

In addition, if they don’t follow you then they don’t see your content. If they can’t see your content, then they can’t possibly share your content.

Unfollowing them is a bit like tearing off a plaster, it’ll be over in a second. Besides, every time you log into twitter and see that no one is following you back it can affect your self-steem, it affects how others view your account, and does nothing to increase traffic to your website, so just unfollow them and you’ll immediately feel better about yourself.

3) Click The “Following Ratio” Button on the Left, Then The High Ratio Button.

Twitter Marketing


4) Unfollow Every Person with a following Ratio of Less than .6

Don’t worry that you may be unfollowed back, accounts with .6 or less are not actively managed. They are following so many people they probably won’t even know that you have unfollowed them.

Twitter Marketing 101

TOP TIP: Anyone following you with a ratio under .6 means they are actively following 40% more people than they have followers. As time goes by, move your criteria to .7, then .8, then .9 and eventually fade out this group of followers. You want a high quality targeted following, not followers simply for sake of having followers. This is why follow trains don’t work for business. Follow trains are for people with low self esteem who want to fool themselves into thinking they are important.

5) Find No More than 5 Key Influencers on Twitter That Are in Your Industry at the Moment, Follow Them, and Retweet Them.

This will ensure that you have quality content to share with your audience, and if you are lucky, these key influencers will find in their twitter analyses that you are an important publisher of their content. With luck, they will probably follow you back in time.

6) Broadcast Your Content

Who do you want reading your content? Business, fashion, or technology readers? Got to Rite Tag and type in the keyword that suits your target market.

Which hastags to use on Twitter

7) Click on the Full Stats Button and See Related Hashtags to Use with Your Tweets.

Click on each tag separately and watch what the statistics say about retweets per hour and potential views. You want to be posting your content with hashtags that have a good probability of getting retweeted. You also want your content to meet as many relevant eye balls as possible.


8) Take Note of Hashtags That Get Plenty of Retweets and Potential Viewers.

I saved mine to my desktop background so I can easily refer to them when I am tweeting. I also kept an image of my goal to keep me motivated.

9) Respond to Everyone Who Follows You with a Thank You and Include a Hashtag That Relates to Your Tweets. Here’s an Example.
How to use a hashtag properly

People who are searching for accounts to follow will find your hastag and start to follow you. They will even add you to their lists. Many people go to lists to find accounts to follow, so you’ll get even more followers from being on their lists. Look at the image above, you see I included the hashtag #growthhacking. Now look at my notification below and see how many lists I was added to immediately after sending out the above tweet.
Twitter Hash Tags Case Study

10) Always Follow People Who Retweet You.

Your content is broadcasted to an audience that you could not have reached when it is retweeted by someone. When you are retweeted, make sure to follow that person, as their is a high probability that they will do so again.

People who retweet are high value followers so put them in a list and retweet their content from time to time to show your appreciation and keep the trend of publishing each others content going.

When they retweet your content, their followers will see your tweet and their followers may start to follow you. Plus, the more your content is retweeted the more traffic you can drive to your website.

11) Never Be following More People than You Have Followers.

The reasons should be obvious at this stage, you want people to see you as a reputable account who has a sincere interest in their followers. Don’t underestimate the value of this social proof. Every few days be sure to login to manage flitter and unfollow those that not following you back.

12) Find a Twitter Account That Is Doing What You Do and Follow Their Followers.

By following the same audience as one of your competitors, you are adding people who are interested in the same content you are tweeting about. This targeted approach to creating more followers will provide you an audience who will enjoy your content and engage with your content, and even retweet it.

13) Create and Schedule Content for Your Audience in Buffer.

Go to schedule, and schedule tweets to run every 10 minutes between the hours of 12:45pm and 1:45pm. Also schedule tweets to run between 9:30am and 10:30am. More info on the best time to post on social media platforms can be found here.
Schedule tweets on buffer for more followers

14) Go to the Content Tab, Click Suggestions, and Choose Content Your Audience Will Be Interested In.

Go through the list and add as many posts as possible that are relevant to your audience.

15) Click on the Queue Tab, Click the Edit Button for Each Post and Add Your Hashtags

If you neglect to this, only people in your feed will see this content. Your goal is to get as many relevant followers as possible, so always add hashtags to ensure a wider audience can see your content and follow you.

You are now realising the value of this twitter follower guide, so make sure your get the next set of invaluable advice to help grow your Twitter account before everyone else does. Need more digital marketing advice?

Robert is the Chief Marketing Officer at Exodus Digital Marketing. He has achieved a 1st Class Honours B.A in Marketing from Vangaurd University, California, and 1st Class Honours M.B.S in Management Consultancy from UCD Smurfit Business School, Dublin, Ireland.
He has worked for companies like IBM and BT Telecommunications. He consults and trains small businesses in all things digital marketing. Learn more about us here

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