How to Create Your Own Virtual Fleet of Hardcore Sales Professionals!

How to Create Your Own Virtual Fleet of Hardcore Sales Professionals!

Believe it or not, your website can act as an entire team of virtual sales professionals. Instead of a sales person knocking on customers doors, your website (your virtual sales team) answers the door, invites them in and shows them around. When a potential customer searches Google for a service, your website stands up and waves at them!

I used to stay up late at night adding links to forums, blogs, directories and just about anywhere I could. I did it so I could increase traffic and hope that strategy would increase my sales, well that was the plan anyway.

I, like so many others, thought I was clever. Now I know, the only way to get good back links is to provide valuable, relevant, and interesting content that builds a community of like minded people. The only way to sell is to actively sell on your website using engagement technologies that engage your audience at the appropriate stage of their purchasing decision.

But, what if you could have a team of virtual sales professionals working around the clock to attract and convert potential customers into sales for you?

For every £92 spent on acquiring visitors, only £1 is spent on converting them.econsultancy. 2012 Conversion Optimisation Report

This article is about creating a basic lead generation system. If you follow the steps you will set up a system that attracts potential customers and converts them into leads or sales 24hrs a day.

Your goal is to

  • Attract New Customers
  • Engage With Potential Customers
  • Influence Leads to Solve Their Challenges
  • Convert Leads into Sales

Specifically, you will create viral content, get it ranked 1st on Google with some SEO, engage your audience with lead generation technology, and then convert those leads into sales.

When I first started integrating engagement technology into my marketing system, it was like finding the map to lost treasure!

Engagement Technology - is like having a virtual fleet of sales people

As a Business Owner or Marketer, Can You Relate to Any of These?

Are you looking for an alternative to creating one costly website after another thinking there’s something about the design of the website that is not working?

Acustomer-challenges-are-unique-selling-pointsre you wasting selling time fooling around with your websites meta descriptions and titles, waiting weeks for some movement in search engine rankings?

Are you spending days and money submitting your website to 100+ directories and blogs trying to get valuable backlinks to drive traffic and increase your page rank?

Are you spending countless hours searching for follow links on “relevant” blogs trying to get “targeted visitors”?

Are you sick of spending days writing content that attracts visitors but they don’t convert to sales?

Are you spending a fortune on PPC and watching it flush down the toilet?

If you are one of these companies you will want to consider the use of engagement technologies to drive traffic, understand what your visitors want, and then convert them into happy paying customers.


Planning is The Key to Conversions in Your Sales Funnel

This can’t be underestimated. You will save yourself months of wasted time in web redesign, changing links, removing links, changing titles and re-purposing content. Trust me. Follow these steps and plan everything first.

targetStep 1) Identify the Your Target Market

Firstly, identify who you want to target. Make a list of their possible challenges and do some research into common challenges for this target market. You will want to find articles related to your target market that have high social value. Use platforms such as Buzzsumo or Postplanner to research content that gets shared the most around the web.

Step 2) Discover The Voice of The Customer (V0C)

Your audience wants to know that you understand them. They don’t want sales pitches, and they don’t want keyword stuffed articles with no substance.

Take the time to research and identify their challenges and areas of their business that are painful. You want to get the voice of the customer (VoC). To find the VoC go to forums, blogs, Amazon book reviews & social media platforms. Find sentences that indicate their challenges, disappointments, hopes and fears. Take note of them and use them in your content and landing pages. Below are some of the specific challenges my customers face.
a) Information overload causes business stagnation.

b) Antiquated technology creating inefficient administration and disjointed functional communication.

voice_of_the_customer-page-300x190c) Gloabalisation eating away at their local market share.

d) They find it hard to keep track and measure ROI on all their marketing platforms and efforts.

e) Too many solutions and no one-stop-shop for their marketing.

f) Not enough time to research and develop new skills to get a competitive advantage of local competitors.

g) Unaware of what a lead generation system is and how to implement one.



Step 3) Identify Your Goals & The Action You Want Your Visitors to Take

  • Book an appointment/request a call back.
  • Request a free sample
  • Request a brochure for a product or service
  • Sign-up/registrations for a website or newsletter

Once you have this planned out, design the page your visitors will land on. It should be consistent with your advertising message.


Step 4)  Identify & Create A Plan of Action

Here are some examples of what you may want to include in your plan.

1) I want to create one 500 word article that will earn my site 2000 unique visitors. I want 50 Facebook likes, 30 Google+ shares, 45 tweets and so on. I want to earn 10 leads and 2 sales of my products from this article.

create-a-plan-to-attract-customers2) I will research content that is trending in my industry. I will research and create a compelling headline, and I will design images that grabs the attention of my audience.

3) I will give some valuable information away about how people can solve their business challenges through an eBook, web seminar, checklist or a how-to guide in exchange for their email addresses.

4) I will drive traffic to my website by submitting my content to 5 different social media platforms. Twitter, Stumbler, Reddit, Facebook, LinkedIn etc.

5) Facebook shares, likes and comments contribute to content’s position in Google search results, so I will use technology to get people to like my Facebook page when reading my content.

6) The more that people tweet about my content, the more visitors I will receive on my website,  so I will create sharable phrases and ask people to tweet.


Step 5) Convert Traffic by Giving Links to The Information They Want at The Right Time.

The page you create should have linked options for your audience to explore solutions to their challenges, and thereby refine to you what their exact desires are.

link-to-relevant-content-to-engage-customersUse those linked pages to understand their desires and integrate that information into your compelling sales copy. Use the visitors page path as powerful indicators of their desires. Each linked page will lead to information relevant to that visitors needs.

For example, you may have a link to “Features”, “Technical Details”, “Business Benefits”, or a “How To Guide”.

Each page, dedicated to the information that is important to them, will influence them and demonstrate how your solution is the perfect match for for their business challenges.

Once you have all that in place you can integrate your technology to build engagement, relationships, leads and sales.

Here is Some Technology to Help You Get Started with Developing Your Lead Generation System

This list is extensive. As such, I haven’t included them all. But these will do to get you started. There are four stages to your new system; attract, engage, influence, and convert.

A) Attract Visitors.

Attract customers with engagement technologyGoogle keyword Planner: For ideas on content development, identify “low hanging fruit”(aka long tail keywords) keywords with low competition related to my industry, products and services. Long tail keywords will ensure that you get specific and niche traffic.

Publishing content with general keywords is a waste of time and provides a very low ROI because the potential to attract traffic is very low due to competition. Publish long tail keywords and you’ll see targeted, qualified and relevant traffic hit your site. You should also try ubbersuggest it’s free and great for keyword ideas.

Buzzsumo: Shows you viral content. Content that’s is shared on social media platforms from all corners of the web. Use it to get ideas on content you can publish with your new keywords. also does the same thing.

Post Planner:  Are you spending hours developing content and getting zero likes or share on Facebook? Fix that immediately by researching trending topics and curate content that will see your fans and shares rocket.

Yoast SEO: I use this to ensure pages are fully optimised for my keywords. Without optimisation, you may as well be casting a message in a bottle out into the ocean. Your time is valuable, SEO will ensure your page will rank for the traffic you want to attract. / Hootesuite Hootesuite allows you to manage and publish to all your social media platforms at once. So too does the plugin. Save loads of time!

B) Engage Your Audience

engage customers with technologyExit Intent Pop Ups: When timed appropriately and when they execute relevant content based on the visitors search history or time spent on a particular page, they can really boost leads. But do yourself a favour and DO NOT have them pop up on arrival! Simply, offer something of high value relevant to the content to get them back on the sales path. Try sumome, optinmonster, or a there is a host of fee plugins for content management systems like wordpress.

Subscription Forms: Increase leads by strategically placing subscription forms and labeling with appropriate ID. The ID, if you designed your site correctly, will tell you what page they were on and thereby tell you where they are in customer decision making process. It vital you segment your audience like. Segmented email lists allow you to target these people with relevant content to their interest and therebv increase the probability of a sale.

Quizzes: Can dramatically increase your likes, sharing, traffic and engagement. Offer to send people the results so they can compare themselves against others. A little competition always engages visitors. Test their knowledge of your solution. If they answer a question wrongly, leave a link to where they can fill the gap in their knowledge. This will help to reduce objections to your solution and facilitate a smoother sale without the need additional customer acquisition expenses such as retargeting adverts and presales customer service.

C) Influence Your Audience

influence customers with engagement technologyEmail Campaign software: This is vital in building a relationship with your users. Set up a list of emails that will go to subscribers who showed interest in your products and services. Each email can individually overcome objections they may have and bridge their gap of understanding and knowledge. This will move people closer to a sale. Most software comes with analytics so you can see who opened your mail, what links they clicked and what they did on your site. This information ensures a measurable ROI.

Customer Relationship Management software: This will allow you to keep track of who you were in contact with, what their objections were and what is the next step in your contact process to move these people closer to a sale. Both the email campaign and CRM software can be integrated into your website so you can easily keep track of your traffic, leads, sales and after-service.

convert customers with engagement technologyD) Convert Visitors into Sales

A/B Testing Software : Allows you to test headlines, content and just about anything else on the fly to establish which images, content, benefit statements, and prices increase conversions.

Land Page Software : Landing pages are imperative to closing a sale. Use software that allows you to quickly and easily design and set them up, it will help keep your sales pitch fresh and compelling. People will give you a video of them testing your website. Simply ask them to try buy something, and they’ll go through the process.

They will tell you what issues they face, what they like, what they don’t like. Then you just have to make some small adjustments to get your conversion up and generate more revenue.

It’s free and works on a Karma system. If you test a website, someone will test yours. If you use the link I provided you get 10 free credits.divider

Final Thoughts

What goes on in our brains when we’re online is a new phenomenon. When you understand the psychology of the sale and create multiple touch points with leads, you develop your brand, add more value to your solution, and increase the probability of a sale.

Virtual Sales ProfessionalsWhat’s amazing about today’s technology is that your entire sales and marketing efforts can be automated! it’s like having a virtual traveling sales man knocking on doors and inviting people into your store ( website).

On arrival, you have an automated virtual sales staff that will enquire into your visitors challenges and then provide them valuable solutions.

If people are not quite sure about your solutions or have objections, your virtual sales staff can bridge the gap in the visitors knowledge, by leading them to the exact information they want.

When you combine technology, design and content around a sales funnel, you have all the key ingredients of a successful automated system to market and sell your products and services online.

Firms that nurture prospects via automation increase their qualified leads by 451% Domo Arigato, Mr. Roboto.” Entrepreneur

What would it mean to you if you could increase your revenue and reduce your cost per customer acquisition through an automated sales funnel?

Automating is not just replacing your employees, it’s actually a titanic shift in the business owner mindset.

See it in action, make selling online easy, and start growing your leads and sales today!Want to know more about web design that includes this type of system?

Robert is the Chief Marketing Officer at Exodus Digital Marketing. He has achieved a 1st Class Honours B.A in Marketing from Vangaurd University, California, and 1st Class Honours M.B.S in Management Consultancy from UCD Smurfit Business School, Dublin, Ireland.
He has worked for companies like IBM and BT Telecommunications. He consults and trains small businesses in all things digital marketing. Learn more about us here

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