5 Key Elements to a Killer Landing Page That Converts Visitors to Sales!

Targeted Landing Pages That Increase Leads and Sales for Your Business.

When I first start making websites, the only “Call to Action” (CTA) I had on a website was the bog standard “contact us” link you so often see at the top of a page.   If you own a business or are just starting up, avoid this common mistake like the plague. Placing only one contact button on your website could destroy your business.

What Is a Landing Page and Why Drive Visitors Towards It?

A landing page is the last step in the visitor journey and helps them cross the line from prospect to client.

If you take the time to develop and aim your message with precision, then you can be profitable with your target market!

The landing page should clearly outline the benefits purchasers get from buying your products or services, not the features!

It should overcome the visitors objections to buying like “it’s too expensive“, “I don’t have the time to learn“, ” I don’t feel comfortable buying online“, or “I have to discuss it with my wife first

Finally, it should be packed with social proof and testimonials, security seals and badges and should have visitor analytics installed so you can identify who is buying and where they are coming from.

It’s also a very good idea to ab test landing pages so you can make profitable edits to your page and increase your conversion ratio.

Top Tip: Keep your message consistent through the visitor journey, identify your customer’s pain points and desires, and turn those pain points and desires into benefit statements; benefits the customer will receive with your solution.

5 Key Elements to a Killer Landing Page That Converts Visitors to Sales!

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1) Header:

If you scan a landing page, the headline should demonstrate the overall benefit to some external stimuli. External stimuli is something in the business environment that is making the business take action.

External stimulus could be intense online competition that is leading to poor sales online – So a header that turns that pain point into a benefit statement would read something like this: “Struggling to sell online? Increase sales and conversions for your business today”

Quickly go to your website, identify if your website header is selling a clear benefit and if not, make the change and come back.

1b) Sub Header:

Your sub header should tell the audience how their personal or business life will benefit with your product or service. Or focus on a customer pain point such as, “Wouldn’t it feel good to get your personal life back?”

1c) Reinforced Statement:

A statement that explains what the visitor gets for complying with the call to action. “Get expert advice and increase your website sales today”

2) Emotive Photo:

Our brains work in funny ways. Babies and beautiful people release endorphins into our bodies making us more readily available to cross the purchase threshold.

Top Tip! Try to get the image to direct the attention towards the Call to Action. A baby facing the the header creates a visual trigger to view the headline.


3) Benefit Points

should overcome any barriers to entry they may have. Write the possible barriers to purchase and then create bullet points that overcome these barriers. A barrier could be the visitor doesn’t have the time to learn the in’s and out’s of developing a landing page. So a bullet point could be “We’ll design, write the copy and install the landing page on your site.”

4) Social Proof

Use real testimonials and images. People can sense if the testimony is fake. Facebook likes could also work as social proof. The customer would think how could so many people be wrong? FigLeaves a woman’s apparel eCommerce simply added product reviews by real people on their landing page. This increased conversions by 35%!

5) The Call to Action:

How you design the button, the command you use, the placement and the colour are all considerable factors in what makes someone click. As you can see from the below examples, small changes can make a considerable difference.

Just see the screenshots below!


Changing verb to “GET” reduces conversions


Changing Verb to “GET” increases conversions

4 Tips for Successful Landing Page Development

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Robert is the Chief Marketing Officer at Exodus Digital Marketing. He has achieved a 1st Class Honours B.A in Marketing from Vangaurd University, California, and 1st Class Honours M.B.S in Management Consultancy from UCD Smurfit Business School, Dublin, Ireland.
He has worked for companies like IBM and BT Telecommunications. He consults and trains small businesses in all things digital marketing. Learn more about us here

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