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The Magic of Thinking Small Business Branding

Contrary to Popular Belief, Branding is More Than Just a Logo

To step ahead of your competition, you may want to evaluate how you are implementing ALL 3 ELEMENTS of your banding, within The Branding Triangle. This article offers a deep understand on how everything works together and how you can use ALL THE ABOVE to generate more sales for your business.

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6 Questions to Ask When Building An Online eCommerce Website

The Answers to These SIX QUESTIONS Will Help You Set Your Course for a Money Making Online Store

The life of an online store starts by aligning your business strategy with your customers’ needs. This article will help you establish were to start with building your website & promotional channels as well as set up the logistics for customer handling and secure transactions. Continue reading.

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7 LinkedIn Marketing & Fundraising Secrets for Start-ups

7 Steps of LinkedIn Fundraising for Start-ups

Grow quality connections on LinkedIn with these simple but EFFECTIVE STEPS. Discover the best ways to approach these new contacts WITH THE PROPER MESSAGE that helps you achieve the results you desire, relatively quickly. This article offers an alternate way to generating startup funds for new businesses. Read on!

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