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7 LinkedIn Marketing & Fundraising Secrets for Start-ups

7 Steps of LinkedIn Fundraising for Start-ups

Grow quality connections on LinkedIn with these simple but EFFECTIVE STEPS. Discover the best ways to approach these new contacts WITH THE PROPER MESSAGE that helps you achieve the results you desire, relatively quickly. This article offers an alternate way to generating startup funds for new businesses. Read on!

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10 Reasons Why Pinterest Marketing is Necessary for Your Business

If Your Business is Visual, Pinterest Marketing May Be Your Obi-Wan

Pinterest is actually not just about fashion, jewelry or recipes ‘n such… If images are (or could be) relevant to your business, this article delivers a new prospective on how pinning works, plus 10 Pinterest Marketing Strategies that have been proven to generate an increase in revenues.

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Social Proof: How To Be A Friend And Influence People In Business

What Prospects REALLY WANT: Social Proof of The Quality YOU Deliver

Discover 5 ways to incorporate wisdom of the crowd in your website’s calls to action by telling visitors how many others have already purchased/signed up/got in touch/generated success thanks to you! JUST GETTING STARTED? Consider this article to be a shortcut on your roadmap. Let us know if you need more direction.

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Facebook Marketing : 15 Post Ideas for 2016

Here Are Collection Of Facebook ideas for small businesses to boost clicks, conversions, shares and engagement

Facebook is not like Twitter or any other platform because it was built on close personal relationships who don’t like adverts clogging up their Facebook feed. If you can entertain them, however, you will have brand champions who will stop at nothing to share your content. Read On!

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Internet Marketing Belfast, Northern Ireland

The 3 Simplest Ways To Attract New Prospects:

Internet marketing is the most cost efficient practice of reaching your targeted market. This post breaks down HOW TO ATTRACT targeted prospects, generate leads, and finally, how to build a line of communication with your new potential customers through email marketing and social media to convert those leads into sales.

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