Twitter Marketing for Professionals & Small Business

Twitter Marketing for Professionals & Small Business

Twitter is quickly becoming the medium that holds the voice of the people and primary source to engage with like minded people. This is going to be the best decision you have ever made when it comes to Twitter.

We’re making big waves by supporting small businesses adjust to the global digital transformation, and supporting them to grow a sustainable and organically grown community. The long and short of it is this. You’ll have free advertising and community full of brand champions!


The single biggest problem for Twitter accounts is the time suck.

Twitter can drain time from your day, and when starting off on Twitter people make a snap judgement that Twitter can’t work for them because of the time drain. This course is your solution, we will help you set up a system that limits your activity to less than 15mins a day.

If you apply yourself to that 15mins a day, you could see 10,000 engaged brand champions and Twitter followers in less than four months.

To get involved and start building your digital presence online all you have to do is tell us who you are, what you do, what twitter marketing efforts have you tried and then tell us why we should help your business or charity for free.

The Solution to Twitter Marketing Failure is This Course

level 1 ( Weeks 1-2 ): Account set up with Twitter and a host of other free software accounts that allow you to manage and grow your followers. You’ll learn our secret recipe to provide stunning, highly relevant content to your audience, how to build your community and to analyze your performance.

Level 2 ( Weeks 3-4 ): You’ll learn to step up your Twitter marketing so that your growth and maintenance of Twitter is 95% automated. You’ll be shown the gems that get your content shared virally, how to become a thought leader within your community and how to boost your followers to heights that will make your nose bleed.


Twitter bird and course benefits


How Do I get Started on The Course?

This course as seen here is valued at £795 and we are delighted to offer to 8 more participants absolutely free. However, if you’re just fooling about on Twitter, this course is not for you. It’s a course for professionals and small businesses who are serious about their online presence and will activate the plan guidelines for their own success.

You will write a post at the start of level 1, at level 2 and a final post on conclusion of the course. You can include a link to your website and twitter profile. The course will take 30 days. And you will be assigned activities that will take between 15 – 30 mins each day. It’s that simple. As your success flowers and you begin to get results like the tweet seen here, we will actively promote your success and new expertise in our Twitter feed. To get on board. Simple carry on reading.


An example of your posthclacycandles twitter marketing

Please tell us who you are.

Hi. My name is Holly Clements and I am a student of oceanography at Ulster University. I am also starting my very first business. It’s called H.C. Lacy Candles and we’re providing 100% luxury soy wax candles throughout the UK.

What’s the purpose of your Twitter account?

As a new business, I don’t know a whole lot about digital advertising. Google analytics, adwords etc are all over my head and I don’t want to lose money advertising. My brand has to be seen by people online to get traction and start making sales. I think Twitter could be a good way to find people interested in buying my product and could be a place to find retailers and affiliates for my products.

Please state the date you joined Twitter, and your current success?

I’ve been quite lucky because I approached Exodus to help me with developing the product and designing a website. However, I’ve seen so many well known brands and companies that have a poor Twitter presence, and already, after completing level 1 I have over 1,900 followers. I’m very happy with the results so far and I’m excited to start level 2.

Please state what you have tried so far to increase your followers or engagement

As I said I started with Exodus, however, I didn’t apply all the techniques in level 1 until about 2 months into the account because I was afraid emotionally to add people I didn’t know and I felt guilty unfollowing people who were not following me back.

Once the psychology of twitter was explained to me I quickly implemented their plan and things just moved from the odd few followers and a couple of favorites, to 10’s of followers, retweets and favorites every day.

I can be found on Twitter @hclacycandles and my website is

Use the below form to create your post


When does the next course start?

The next course starts on Monday, August 10th. Please provide contact details, after which you will be invited to live training seminars. You will also have access to them via a recording so you can catch up on the training you missed. Best of luck and you can contact Robert at if you have any questions.

Robert is the Chief Marketing Officer at Exodus Digital Marketing. He has achieved a 1st Class Honours B.A in Marketing from Vangaurd University, California, and 1st Class Honours M.B.S in Management Consultancy from UCD Smurfit Business School, Dublin, Ireland.
He has worked for companies like IBM and BT Telecommunications. He consults and trains small businesses in all things digital marketing. Learn more about us here

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