Short Copy is Handy, No Doubt, But Here’s 4 Shocking Benefits to Longer Copy That Will Make You Think Twice

Short Copy is Handy, No Doubt, But Here’s 4 Shocking Benefits to Longer Copy That Will Make You Think Twice

Here are the major benefits to longer copy that is geared towards building a relationship and educating an audience.

I used to to write posts purely for SEO reasons, It was pivotal in helping me grow two companies. I wanted to share with you the most important thing that I learned about content marketing.

When you provide valuable, engaging and informative content during your prospects pivotal research stage, you will develop trust and credibility as a potential supplier.

Marketing model innovation, like other business model innovation, is to find the source and the way to improve customer delivered value.

Armed with an understanding of how to develop customer value in my content, I was able to gain a competitive advantage over my competitors that drove up sales, established my brand and reduced the cost of customer acquisition.

The future of growth and sales depends on your ability to help people, which in turn will generates leads in the long run. It will also establish a strong, loyal and satisfied client base.

Content marketing has leveled the playing field between cash cows and start ups.

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Here Are The Major Benefits to Longer Copy That is Geared Towards Building a Relationship and Educating An Audience.

1) More BackLinks: The more valuable and educational your content is, the more links you will get to your content from third party sources. Content analysis shows a direct link between word count and backlinks with articles over 2000+ words receiving the most backlinks.

Graphs display content vs link results


2) More Social Media Shares: Visitors love engaging content that provides insight and solves problems. The more the better. Keep you content compelling and people will share it on social platforms. Research shows a direct link between word count and social shares. Again, more content equals more graph conmtent vs social shares

3) Better Rankings in Google SERPs: Latest studies show the top ten results in search engines have a 2000+ word count. Google wants to give searchers expert advice. You’re not an expert if you can’t talk about it!

Bar chart : Content vs Rankings

4) More Leads and Sales: It’s inevitable that more shares, links, and better rankings in SERPs will lead to more leads and sales.

Based on what you know now, I hope that you spend the time to compose elegant, valuable and detailed content for your audience, so that you too can realise your own success.

Robert is the Chief Marketing Officer at Exodus Digital Marketing. He has achieved a 1st Class Honours B.A in Marketing from Vangaurd University, California, and 1st Class Honours M.B.S in Management Consultancy from UCD Smurfit Business School, Dublin, Ireland.
He has worked for companies like IBM and BT Telecommunications. He consults and trains small businesses in all things digital marketing. Learn more about us here

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