Free Online Website Builders | 6 Reasons NOT to Make a Website

What They Don’t Want You To Know About Free Online Website Builders

It’s very tempting to start a business by making your own website with free online website builders and free website creator software. I know because I went down that route when I first started online advertising 10 years ago, so my advice is from experience.

Reasons why you might think making your own website with a free online website builders and free website creator software is a good idea.

1) Cheap: Prices can vary from £3/mo to £69/mo. When you know nothing about websites and marketing online it’s just too easy to pick the cheapest option, especially when you hear testimonials about businesses growing their revenue with a website and you just want to get stuck in.

2) Free Website Templates: Often times there are some nice website templates to choose. It doesn’t take much to add some content, a logo and then publish it.

3) Test a Business Idea: If you want to start a business and test if it will be successful, then a website is the way forward. You can get some publicity and feedback to understand if the idea is plausible.

Reasons to stay away from making your own website with free online website builders and free website creator software.

1) Not Mobile Friendly: Many free online website builders do not have responsive themes. In other words, when people access the website on a mobile device they can’t view the content without scrolling all over the place. You know yourself, when you visit a site like that you usually leave and find another website which you can access easily.

2) Google doesn’t like those servers: If the website is hosted on their servers Google simply won’t display your website for the keywords you want. Those websites are often seen as backdoor pages or orphan pages and have no credibility. When was the last time you saw a www.wix/websitename/ in search results?

3) Lack of functionality: If your goal is to have a website that offers flexibility to add contact forms, pop ups, questionnaires, schedules, and integrate social media, then you best not go with free websites. Generally free websites will give you a simple brochure style design with no ability to engage with your visitors and generate leads.

4) Poor SEO: If you are lucky you will be able to edit the title and description of a page, but there is just so much more to search engine optimisation than a title and description. You can find three free eBooks all about SEO for beginners and advanced SEO techniques at this link SEO Resources.

5) Slow loading times. Generally people will wait 3 seconds for a website to load. A study released by Akamai in September 2009 came to similar conclusions:

47% expect a web page to load in two seconds or less.
40% will abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.
52% of online shoppers claim that quick page loads are important for their earn loyalty.
14% will start shopping at a different site if page loads are slow
23% will stop shopping or even walk away from their computer.
64% of shoppers who are dissatisfied with site visit will shop somewhere else next time.

 6) First Impressions Count: Websites that look poorly designed, identical to other websites, offer poor usability and look cheap are often dismissed quickly by visitors. Customers want to choose a company which demonstrates credibility and authority, and they will spend time jumping from website to website looking for one.

Reviews of Free Online Website Builders Software Companies

I know every website builder platform will have it’s pro’s and con’s but I wanted to highlight some of the cons so that you know before hand what you could be getting into. Here’s a detailed review of which includes some of the issues I highlighted above.

image of WIX review: a free online website builders

Reasons Not to Get A Website With

Here are reviews for I’m not going to copy and paste the poor reviews as I did for Wix above, but you can see from the 317 reviews that most people are far from satisfied. Many of the complaints are similar to Wix as above.

make my own website free

Reasons Not to Get A Website With

Finally, here’s some information about Don’t be fooled by these snake-oil sales people. They work on high commissions and will do anything to make a sale.

I spent over £2000 to advertise with them a few years back and it was the worst investment I have ever made. I was harassed every day and pressured into the sale. Once the sale was made customer service was non existent, I was miss sold an advertising package and none of my issues were resolved.

They now offer website packages at about £70/mo. internet marketing website reviews

1) They say they research your competitors, but they don’t, they just copy content they had on one website in your industry and place it on yours. You get penalized for duplicate content.

2) Websites are generic, only three pages and they don’t look professional.

3) You cannot optimise your website for SEO, they say they do it, but they don’t.

How unscrupulous are they? The Sunday Times published an article that states employees published over 6000 entries to a trusted reviews website! More info here.

In addition, I picked the first three websites in Google by searching “plumber” + “Hibu” (sister company) and here’s what I found.

Not one of these websites were optimised for their chosen keywords. They simply don’t rank for the words the plumbing companies chose in their locality because meta description, titles, page names etc are not optimised!

Yet, that’s exactly what these companies are paying for. It’s an absolute disgrace! website builder

I hope this article listing reasons why you should not make your own website with free online website builders gives you some insight.

Give yourself a fighting a chance with your own business idea and get a website designed to be the heart beat of your business, not a just a pretty 5 page website with images and content that makes no profit and customers can’t find.


Make Your Website A Lead Generating Machine

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