Organic Traffic | Boost Your Website’s Visibility with Some Simple Efforts

You Can Boost Your Website’s Organic Traffic with Some Simple Efforts

Increase Organic TrafficWhen you want to gain more organic traffic for your website, you have to make some changes. If your business is in a competitive field, you will have to work a bit harder to get your website traffic to rise using organic methods. Focusing your efforts on content that makes sense, nurturing leads, and optimizing your website is essential.

Check the Links to and From Your Website

Using a free link checker, look at the links that are pointing to and from your site every few weeks. When bad links are pointing to you, this can decrease your credibility with search engines. Remove any bad links by disavowing the link, or requesting a link removal from the webmaster. Make sure that your content only uses reputable sources to link to, which will improve your search engine optimization.

Increase Organic Traffic Web Visibility via SMSNurture Leads Through Text Messaging

Spend some time focusing on a text marketing campaign by investing in an SMS text marketing platform such as Texpedite. Once you have an account set up, you can begin gathering potential customers through an opt-in texting campaign. Once you have permission to text customers, you can send marketing texts whenever you want. If you send links to content on your website, this will draw traffic to your site without having to pay for it. Text messaging services are an essential tool for today’s top marketers.

Create Some Resource Lists

Organic Website Traffic ChecklistCreate useful infographics that outline useful resources in your industry. For example, if you are an attorney, you might create a list of resources that outlines specific forms to use in cases, or local court addresses. Once the infographic is created, you post it on your website. Potential clients who come across the infographic will either link to it or share it, as long as the infographic provides useful information that is difficult to find somewhere else. When links are created, this will help your inbound marketing strategy.

Don’t Just Repeat Your Keyword Phrase

Search engines continue to get smarter. With latent semantic indexing used by Google to drive traffic to your website, how you write your content can make a big impact on your websites organic traffic. Put simply latent semantic indexing (LSI) is the process of crawling your website for synonyms that help boost the relevance of your content. The more you are able to incorporate synonyms into your content, the higher you will rank in search engines.

In Conclusion

Take some time to look over your website and if you see an abundance of duplicate key words, and use keyword phrases with synonyms. Give your content a fresh start by making a few simple changes, check the links to and from your website. Work on developing an opt-in texting network where you can share interesting content with potential customer in an instant. And finally, be sure to focus your efforts on content that provides value, or offers a resource that can be shared easily and the organic traffic for your website will increase.

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