What is Long Tail Keyword Research & How to Do It in 2016

Long Tail Keyword Research: The Best Way To Magnetically Generate Traffic That Converts into Sales in 2016?

When I first started with long tail keyword research and search engine optimisation, I wasted a lot of time and money by generating content for visitors that weren’t targeted. Once I learned how to attract “ready-to-buy” prospects through keyword studies, I was able to build a business with nothing more than a website and keyword research services.

Read on to better understand how long tail keywords can provide valuable traffic that is ready to buy your products and services, more so than general keyword terms.

We’re on the Front Page of Google for Our Company Name! We Did It!

When I first starting off in online marketing many believed that if your company name was found on the first page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, then your website was optimised for search engines.

I have to admit, 10 years ago when I first started my journey, I also fell victim to this very thought. A website that is found for your company name won’t help generate leads and revenue from people that don’t know you.

Long tail keywords generate sales from people who don’t know you, but are interested in the services and products you supply.

How to Use Long Tail Keywords to Increase Sales and Cut Your Advertising Costs

You want your business found by those searching online for products and service you offer. It’s no secret that your website will have to display in the top results with a particular set of keywords for ready-to-buy customers.

list of keywords CTR and ConversionTo be successful, you must first segment your market! Just look at the screenshot to see that not all keywords are made equal.


Stop Wasting Time and Money on “Poorly Converting Keywords” and Start Attracting Ready-to-Buy Customers

Digital marketers use keyword research tools for keywords that will generate more relevant traffic, cut your advertising costs and more importantly produce sales.

There are plenty of free online tools and there are many more that you can pay for. They range in complexity to use, but the general idea is this: take a general term and then drill down to find hot prospects with more specific terms.

  1. Take a product or service you offer, “shoes” for example.
  2. Type “shoes” into the tool and it will give you a list of additional words that people use along side shoes when searching online. You may see results such as “women’s shoes” or “Men’s shoes”.
  3. Next, you submit one of these terms. Let’s say, “women’s shoes”. Results could be “women’s flat shoes” or “women’s stilettos shoes”. You see, we get more specific. Repeat with one of these new longer terms.
  4. Submit “women’s flat shoes“. You may get results like “women’s black flat shoes” or “women’s red flat shoes”. Now we are getting specific, but can we get more specific?
  5. Submit “women’s black flat shoes” and you get the following.
Keyword research
You now have specific additional revenue generating streams of traffic by diversifying and segmenting your keyword list.

How Will Keyword Research Services Continue to Grow Your Business Long After Your Investment?

increase sales through keyword process

She is no longer browsing for just “shoes”.

She is shopping and ready to buy “BLACK LEATHER FLAT WOMEN’S SHOES”.

You have two benefits when you advertise this way as a business.

If you have a landing page with those keywords, you have 1) a far higher probability of ranking in top results. Creating webpages around long tail keywords will get you ranked higher and generate free perpetual traffic and sales AND you will 2) magnetically attract hot ready to buy visitors.

The process of putting keywords into your content and url’s is called Search Engine Optimisation. Click the link when you are ready and you’ll find “3 SEO How-to-Guides by Top Search Engine Professionals

long tail keyword research services

Don’t Invest in Keyword Research Services Until You Know Exactly How Much You Will Make for Every Pound Spent!

list of keywords CTR and ConversionLet’s take a second look at keywords results and get a clearer understanding of a poorly executed campaign could cost you.


Look at best converting keyword, it has the lowest clicks!

Would you have thought that keywords with the least amount of clicks could produce 600% more sales?

Use our strategy, and we can do initial analysis to identify keywords that will convert so that you maximise your return on investment.

Yes, Adwords tool may tell you how much potential traffic you could get.

But, we can tell you what your click through rate (CTR) will be, your conversions rate, and cost per customer acquisition ahead of time.

With your investment, you’ll be able to pinpoint which words make you money.

You’ll have full control over your cost per customer acquisition and more importantly be able to scale your revenue growth.

This offers you a tremendous opportunity to create multiple revenue streams because we all search a little differently, and our keyword research services can help you pin point high converting keywords that target your market.

Whether you need guidance and strategy for which content to produce and publish so you can rank organically, or you want to run a paid Adwords campaign, we can help you generate a positive return on your investment.

The Best Way to Increase Your ROI from Keyword Advertising is to Optimise Your Contact Form!

Creating a sales funnel will allow you to measure and test all aspects of your customers journey from their first click to their final purchase. Once you set up a sales funnel, you can optimise page elements to earn more conversions and sales.

Discover the hidden content below and learn how one company was able to double their conversions with existing traffic by making one simple change to their contact form in their sales funnel.

How You Can Achieve Extraordinary Results from One “Top Tip” That Most Businesses Overlook on Their Website?

keyword-service-advise Have you forgotten this essential part of online marketing? If you are marketing locally then you must contain your locality within your content.

There is a much higher visitor-to-conversion ratio when you are found by people searching for products and services in YOUR locality.

If you lived in a city called Belfast, then you would optimise your landing page for that locality. The landing page would say “women’s Black Flat Leather Shoes in Belfast”.

Now you know about long tail keywords and using locality on every page you will have less competition for top rankings. In addition, customers will now find your shop first out of all the local retail shops.

That is how you will get more sales and leads.

How much would your business have spent on leaflets, posters, tv, radio etc to get that hot lead?

How Nike Increased Organic Traffic by 348% over Two Years with Keyword Research.

Nike Logo

Nike wanted to increase visitors to their website. They mostly received branded searches such as “Nike this” and “Nike that”.

They wanted to increase sales for golf apparel online to supplement their branding of players such as Tiger Woods during golf season.

Keyword research showed “golf apparel”, “golf clothing”, “golf sportswear” could be targeted for searches.

After implementing keywords such as these throughout the site, the company eventually seen a 250% increase in non-branded searches in the 2011 and 2012 golf season.

And a 348% overall gain in website visitors from 2010 to 2012.

Implement these top tips into your website and you will start to see results straight away. Feel free to get in touch and let us know how they worked for you.

Hello, I’m author of this post. I help businesses like yours create memorable brands, get found online by “ready to purchase” web searchers. I also use nueromarketing techniques and coversion rate optimisation to influence web visitors to “buy now”.

I have worked with companies like IBM & BT Telecom and have started several small businesses so I understand how you feel.

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