Introduction to Adwords

An Adwords Agency is a Virtual Salesperson Who Travels the Whole Town, City, County, Country or World to Reach Places You Can’t

The first time I used Adwords, I may as well have burned my money in the fire, I would have gotten more value. There’s loads to know. Your quality score could have you pay 800% more for the same ad that your competitor runs. Your landing page must be keyword optimised for a lower prices on your adverts. And if that’s not enough, small changes to your headlines, content, images and contact form inputs could increase or decrease your sales revenue by 100’s of percent.

Don’t burn your money. If you’ve had a bad experience with Adwords already, that’s perfectly normal. What you want is someone who has been burned and knows the ropes, so they can save you money, time and find you the most profitable keywords for your business.

There’s Adword campaign management services that will happily take your money and spend you money on keywords you think are appropriate. Buying those keywords and cutting out the one’s that are not profitable is most agencies will do for you.

But, those keywords you want to rank for, may not be the MOST profitable for you.

Look at the screenshot to the right, would you have guessed that the keywords with the least amount of impressions and clicks would generate 600% more revenue AND be the cheapest keywords to advertise for?

Adwords Campaign Management Services for CTR and Conversion

Take a look at Keyword research after this article for a bit more insight into profitable keywords.

The internet is exploding with opportunities. Online communities are growing at staggering rates.

It seen Google+ grow at 33%. 50% more hours watched on you tube, 2 new Linkedin members every second, Twitter had 44% growth, and there are now over 1 billion active users on Facebook.

The internet in 2014 produced the single greatest opportunity of the century for the common man to become a business man with limited funds, family wealth, and formal education.Robert Jones – MBS(Hons) Management Consultant. Smurfit Business School, Ireland

The Only Way to Gain a Competitive Advantage with Adwords Is to MINIMISE WASTAGE

Let’s try to dymistyfy Google Adwords to a degree. Advertising online is very different from traditional advertising. And this can be a very good thing.

Unlike traditional media, you can get in front of targeted and active prospects. Prospects who are interested in your products or services.

You want an Adwords campaign management service that helps you to identify what keywords generate the most conversions so that you get the most profitable return on your investment.

It’s not good enough to just keep the best of a bad bunch! We test and find you the most profitable keywords before we even start your live campaign!

Probably the most exciting and refreshing element of PPC is that it’s measurable. It gives you control over your Ad spend and your return on investment.

You can measure your success and failure in a matter of minutes and hours, and then make changes to improve your results.

Whatever, you take away from this webpage, understand that most Adwords Agency services choose generic high volume keywords based, this will kill your ROI. We can help you to identify which long tail keywords that are profitable.

You can also change the settings on what type of ad they get, what time they get it, where they get and under what search terms they get it. A deeper understanding of the settings and testing allows you to refine you price point and save you money. Has anyone tried this with success?

Online advertising differs in that you can target potential clients through their search history, location, the language they speak, the sites they have visited and even the devices they use.

It must be noted before we go further that, the number of people accessing the internet via a mobile phone increased by 60.3% to 818.4 million in the last 2 years, and tablet sales have outstripped laptops and PC’s combined!

With so many people visiting through mobile devices you could waste both your valuable time and capital if your site is not responsive on mobile devices.

tablet shipments to surpass total PC shipments (desktop plus portable PCs) in the fourth quarter of 2013 (4Q13) Bouchard, J. (2014). Tablet Shipments Forecast to Top Total PC Shipments in the Fourth Quarter of 2013 and Annually by 2015, According to IDC. [Accessed 8 Dec. 2014].

TOP TIP: Do not spend money on a paid or unpaid advertising until you’ve tested your website’s functionality on mobile devices.

Small Companies Just Have to Be More Clever with Advertising than the Big Guys

Imagine for a minute you are getting your hair done in the barbers and you see a magazine ad selling a TV. If you’re not in the market for a TV that ad is irrelevant and ineffective.

That’s traditional media advertising. Advertising aimed at “top of funnel” prospects.

Now imagine you are in a store, in the electronics section, and you’re hoovering around the TV’s.

You can bet, that a sales representative will be soon over to ask if you need any help. Why?

Because you are ready to make a purchase: you are a hot lead. You are considered a “bottom of funnel” prospect.

97% of Internet users look online for local products and services Georgiadis, M. (2011).Google’s Economic Impact United States, 2011.


Google search engine and network is like a big retail store. When you search for something it’s like walking over the electronics area and hoovering around the TV’s.

Google see’s you exhibiting behaviors that demonstrate you are in the market for a TV and provides you with a website that is good at selling you the product or services you want.

The Google Adword is like a sales representative asking you if you need help during this crucial stage in your purchasing decision process.

It then takes those retailers who don’t have good organic rankings, or are new businesses and introduces you to them, bypassing businesses that have spent years earning their high organic rankings.

This targeting of “ready to buy” prospects is called bottom of funnel targeting.

adword-clicks-sales-leadsProspects are actively seeking your products and services online right now.

And it’s hard to find better sales lead than that in the real world; especially since the high street seems to be dying and more people are operating from homes or out of city offices.

Since Google has 2/3 the market searches, you have incredible potential for reach and it makes it easy to be found by the right people searching for you.

Adwords (PPC) allows you to refine your advertisements to specific geographical areas. So you know that your ads are targeted and precise.

Big benefits come in if you are a company with multiple locations. Let’s say you are a car hire company that want to provide local services.

Instead of mass broadcasting your message like TV or radio you can hone in on prospects and provide your message to people looking for car hire in Belfast while simultaneously advertising to someone looking for a car hire in Dublin!

An Adwords Agency offers campaign management services to allow you full control over you advertising budget. Not only can you measure the return on investment, but you can also measure which ads provided the most sales.

The ability to access demographic and behavioral data allows you to become more efficient at creating ads with the highest probability of converting to a sale: more ROI.

Introduction to AdWords Terminology

Cost Per Click (CPC)

You are only charged if a user actively clicks on your ad (Click Through Rate – CTR), it’s a results driven model.

To compare it a newspaper advert is like saying, if you place an advert in the newspaper, then you only have to pay when someone jumps in their car and comes into your store.

It gives you control over your advertisement costs and results, while providing invaluable data about where the prospect went and what they did.

The advantage is that it also provides free valuable brand visibility, as you are not charged for the display of the ad (impression).

Cost Per Impression (CPM)

You are charged for each display of you advert. This is great for top of funnel prospects and brand strengthening.

It’s used mostly to increase brand visibility, awareness, reach and frequency.

It’s also great to promote gigs and events: similar to traditional media like newspapers and billboards.

The disadvantage is you pay whether someone sees the ad or not.

Cost Per Acquisition: CPA

You only pay if someone completes a goal you create, like download something or fill in a contact form.

You usually provide a maximum amount you are willing to pay for lead.

The benefit is you get more bang for buck. You know exactly how much your advertising will cost you per sale which helps you measure your ROI and allow you to scale your investment.

Here Are Some Ways That You Can Advertise Online


They can be static or moving and all sizes and shapes as long as they are smaller than 50kb.

They can be found across the Google Network and are targeted at top of funnel as they are mostly similar to an impulse click and are presented based on users search history.

Video Ads

These are similar to re-target ads and good for expressing the emotion people can have, that words just lack at conveying.

The body releases and endorphins called oxytocin that heals the body and makes us feel good when we see people smile.

These endorphins can keep us in the mood to follow “Calls to Action” (CTA) Video adverts can be placed between paragraphs, as pop ups, pop overs, and of course, you tube videos.

Interactive Rich Media

These are usually flash animated or video with text, images and links.

You can click around the ad. They act like a mini website. The advantage is they are effective at engaging the customer and introducing the brand to potential prospects.

TOP TIP: Add a discount code to increase your click through rate. Create landing pages that use the same relevant keywords you used in your ad. Take a course before you start an adwords campaign or use a professional to cut your learning curve. It costs you a lot more to run a badly planned campaign than run a good one.

Retarget Ads

Do you ever see those ads that seem to follow you about? Perhaps you looked at a book on Amazon and you have even put it in the shopping cart before changing your mind and leaving the website.

All of a sudden that same book is on every site you visit? How is re-targeting working for you? Do you recommend it?

This is called re-targeting. It’s designed to keep a brand, product or company in front of you. It’s a great support tool for getting users to complete their purchase on a shopping website and reduce cart abandonment rates for ecommerce websites.


If You’re Not Prepared There Is a High Risk You Will Burn Some Cash without Getting Results

Each type of advertisement has a different purpose, designed for different network, involves different strategies, and captures different audiences.

Adword Price Per Click - WordstreamText Adverts – These are great for bottom of funnel prospect fishing.

You don’t have to compete with fancy graphics and flash.

They level the playing field so all business must compete on a headline, 2 text lines and a url.

You are only limited by your ability to create attractive compelling messages within the Google Network.

However, a low Quality Score and CTR can and will hurt your ad position and could mean your paying 400% more for you add than your avg competitor and you could pay 800% more than your most proficient adword competitors.

What has been your experience with adwords? Please share what worked or didn’t work for you and help people just like you to get better results.

If You Don’t Have the Time or Patience, Then Go with a Adwords Agency

There are literally 1000’s of search and display networks that reach 8 out of 10 internet users worldwide.

Goggle has two major networks for you to advertise on. The Search Network and Display Network.

You can choose which network you wish to advertise on. If you want, it’s recommended for new advertisers, that you advertise on both simultaneously.

increase-sales-leads-adwords Search Network – Allows you to target your ads on Google search, Shopping, Maps, groups and non Google search sites (Search Partners).

Your ads will generally show on the top, or right slot of search engine results.

Which position (know as a slot) your ad goes will depend on your quality score and how much you bid.

If you have a shopping cart, you can upload your products to Google shopping and see them in top position of results as seen in the screenshot above.

Organic listings which have been search engine optimised and have good page rank will be under the paid listings.

Display Network: This network show adverts in the YouTube, blogger, Apps, Videos and Gmail in addition to the those listed in the Search Network.

On this network, you can release banner ads and those video ads that interrupt your knowledge learning on YouTube.

Top Tip: Why pay for an ad if your website ranks well organically? If users see both your organic listing and the paid advert, Google recons the probability of click is higher, and people will generally click the organic link (free).

It also pushes a competitor off the screen. It may take years of work to rank in the top organically but you could be there instantly with PPC.


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