Instant Chat & Live Help Increase Sales for Small Businesses

It’s a Proven Fact, You Can Increase Sales and Leads with with Live Chat

Are you feeling let down by your ability to convert traffic into business? Your primary goal is to generate revenues and my goal is to help you do just that! Conversion rate optimisation is the #1 way to convert visitors into customers, and live chat is a key tool in the process of increasing sales and leads.

You’ll soon discover an untapped goldmine in converting website visitors to sales when I demonstrate how it reduces costs and customer complaints while it improves customer service, loyalty, brand equity and most importantly drives up revenue !

44% of online consumers say that having questions answered by a live person while in the middle of an online purchase is one of the most important features a web site can offer Forrester Research

instant chat increase conversions

How Would You Feel to See Sales Increase over 200%?

intuitImagine for a minute you are a bartender. A person comes into the pub and sits down in front of the bar. Do you ignore him? No? Well why would you ignore people who enter your online shop or office? What if the visitor wants to buy service from your website and has a question about the after service or how long it will take to deliver the project?

Visitors could spend 10 minutes on your site looking around and then get frustrated and leave.

With live chat, you can get an alert to your computer or phone that someone is in your store or office. You can then greet them or ask them if they need assistance just like you would if you were a bartender!

Intuit integrated instant chat to handle these situations and seen an increase in conversions by 211%! Using live chat also increased the average order value by 43% compared to when the chat was not used.

How Will Live Chat Marketing Reduce Costs?

Optimise your Return on Investment (ROI): PPC and banner ads etc can incur great cost to the business. Conversion rate optimisation, content marketing and social media marketing can lower costs per customer acquisition.

But, how would you feel about earning just as much revenue without the PPC and banner costs?

Adding live chat means you could double your sales with your current traffic. No additional cost per sale! So why not cut out the expensive PPC etc and replace it with live chat? Instantly you keep revenues similar but drastically reduce your expenses.

Lesson Learned: Improve ROI. Make a spreadsheet with your marketing channels and the cost per customer acquisition from each channel. Integrate Live Chat, and scale back investment in channels with the highest cost per customer acquisition. The result: less cost per customer gained, and generate more revenue!

How Will Live Chat Improve Brand Loyalty and Brand Equity?

LIVE CHATFix customer complaints quickly: Sometime customers need help with services and products.

Imagine this scenario. You bought a guitar and a tuner peg broke broke a few days before the gig that is gonna make you famous. You need a new one but you don’t know the right size.

You go online and cant fine one. You go to manufacturers website for information and you can’t find it, AND then you dial the call center number which has the usual confusing automated response.

You queue in the wrong department for 15 minutes, then they patch you through to another department who goes through your details, passwords, dogs name and what the problem is for the second time!

You’ve now been searching for 3 hours online and currently waiting on a 0900 phone number charging you £1 per minute.

You get through and learn they don’t sell the part AND tell you must go to an affiliate retailer!!

Starting to feel frustrated? Why the hell would you buy from them again!!

Problem: Let’s say this person is a fan of social media. They immediately go online to platforms like twitter, Facebook, forums etc and run down your company.

Potential customers turn to these platforms for social proof during the information and evaluation stage of their decision making process. It is unknown just how many 100’s or 1000’s of customers you could lose.

46% of customers aged 24 and below use social media to air their grievances. Maritz Research

Solution: The customer clicks the “Live Chat” button, where the customer service representative gives them the details to where they can buy a new tuner peg, or tell them about a local shop that could fix it for them.

It takes 5 mins to get your solution!! Live Chat is the fastest most efficient way to deal with customer questions and complaints. Immediately resolving issues goes along way to brand loyalty and equity.

In the age of social media, news travels fast and can catapult revenues or erase them.

62% of live chat users reported being more likely to purchase from the site again Forrester Research

Lesson Learned: Every customer circumstance is different, you don’t know who your customers are and what’s really important to them. Safeguard yourself from complaints that can spread like wildfire in social media. Get live chat installed ASAP!

The Top 3 Ways to Increase Revenues With Live Chat?

TOP TIP: When creating a campaign for some service or product be sure to create a landing page for that product or service. It will increase the probability of converting visitors to customers for that campaign.

Reduce Customer Service Costs

oracleLive chat gives the customer the ability to get answers to questions immediately. This type of immediate service improves the overall company performance.

Through live chat and identifying what people were having problems with, Oracle added content to the their website that answered those frequently asked questions. It reduced customer service contact costs.

Oracle were able to deflect up to 75% of the 6,000 new service cases each month. Savings of £100,000’s and allowed the 275 engineers to focus on more value add projects !!

Robert is the Chief Marketing Officer at Exodus Digital Marketing. He has achieved a 1st Class Honours B.A in Marketing from Vangaurd University, California, and 1st Class Honours M.B.S in Management Consultancy from UCD Smurfit Business School, Dublin, Ireland.
He has worked for companies like IBM and BT Telecommunications. He consults and trains small businesses in all things digital marketing. Learn more about us here

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