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The Secret to Call to Action’s That Convert….Unbelievable!

Are you guilty of using call to action’s like “click here”? I know I was until I unveiled the mystery as to why my competitors were building social communities, getting more likes and shares, and more importantly, generating more sales, all by their powerful call to action’s.

The goal with this post is to persuade you to invest more time in making small changes to your website that will have significant effects on your conversion ratios, and ultimately your bottom line.

I’m about to give you some extremely hard earned advice worth £1000’s in costly mistakes and missed revenue. Take it, and implement it into your website sales funnel strategy and turn your window shopping visitors into satisfied paying customers!

So, what could you do to ensure the changes you make on your website add revenue to your bottom line?

You could either a/b test your changes and measure the results before changing code on your site or you could contact me because you want to save yourself loads of money, time frustrating heartache!

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Your Online Sales Could Have You Blushing When Your CTA Is Action Orientated

Apart from your headline and images, the Call To Action (CTA) is the only other text your visitors will be sure to read, so be vigilant in testing it’s performance when making changes.

Strong benefit statements and action orientated CTA’s, have an uncanny ability to influence and engage your audience.

Which sounds more compelling to you?

Option 1 :For Skin Consultation, Register Here:”
Options 2:I want an expert opinion. Sign me up for a skin consultation!”

Kaya switched from option 1 to option 2.

What kind of change do you think that would make to conversions?

That single change in the call to action INCREASED SALES BY 22%.

call to action increase sales

Like any company wanting to increase revenues online, they wondered what affect social proof could have if they positioned the social proof close to the call to action.

They decided to test further.

They added a Facebook social proof and saw conversions rocket an ADDITIONAL 70%.

Would you like to imagine what a 70% increase in conversions could make to your sales revenue online? How much more money would that be for your business?

So what’s the name of the game? Always be testing!

Be very aware of testing before you implement changes, I’ve documented cases through out my website where changes drastically reduced conversions.

What about you? Have you experimented with social proof and how did it go?

Secure Your Online Revenue Today! Image Is Everything!

This company originally used a globe image with their call to action. I guess it was meant to represent the the world wide web.

Perhaps, there was even a hope for a little subliminal messaging in the form of “we are an international company”. Either way, conversions were low and they needed to make a change.

They made one simple change. They changed the globe to a lock.

Changing the image kept the message consistent and reinforced the sub-header: safe, secure and reliable!

Did you think it decreased conversions?

After testing with A/B Tests, the lock image was found to help conversions increase by as much as 200% to 300%.


Want a Better Click through Rate? Add Value to Your CTA

The power of getting customers to click comes from a social exchange. It’s known in psychology as a social contract and can be heard like this “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine”.

Up until now, the term has been used to describe social interactions. An interaction where each person feels a win/win situation.

Think for example, do you remember the last time you were in a really engaging conversation that went on for a long time?

In that scenario, you were willing to exchange your valuable time to listen to the other person because the dialogue was engaging and interesting.

Click here, for example, is not engaging and interesting.

Now check the statement below. If it was a link, would you feel more compelled to take action, in comparison to the click here statement above?:

Click here to discover solid advice from an experienced serial entrepreneur and you’ll also find 5 quick ways to generate more profits for your business right now!

You see what I did? I added value.

Go to your website real quick and see if your links are supported with value statements to make your visitors click. Tell us about a current link. What does it say and what change could you make to add value?

Why, if you do not explicitly identify the benefits of clicking on a link, follow that link or fill in a form?

Why should a visitor give you their private information and risk spam, phone calls and identity theft?

If you want visitors to click on your call to action, then use benefit statements and sweeten the deal by adding value to your proposition:

This sauce is best served hot (relevant) and with a freebie. Give something away!

The company SIMS3 tested many landing page variants, the winner was one that gave the visitor FREE points to buy things on the website and a free town.

When they added this type of value, visitors happily exchanged their details and registered with the company.


TOP TIP: Gone are the days of exchanging an email address and information in a newsletter. In today’s time sensitive world, a value proposition is the only thing that can grab the attention of that speeding bullet, skipping from website to website. A common trend is to give a relevant ebook away in addition to the newsletter subscription, adding value the exchange.

Drive Up Revenues With This Simple Tip!

Below, you will discover how one company increased conversions by 591% by simply moving their call to action.

Would you like to increase conversions by simply moving your call to action?

Check out the screen shots below to learn where they placed it for maximum results!

Splashes of Results with Color!


Which color do you think got the most clicks?

You may be surprised that although the color red general means “stop” and green means “head on – go”, the red button increased conversions by 21%.

This is because, psychologically, red means pay attention, something is important. You see it with traffic signs and many more real life examples.

Change The Wording of Your CTA & Change Your Bottom Line

This company only made one change to their call to action. That was the change from “request a quote” to “request pricing”.

Has anyone tried this? Did you measure the changes or see a difference in sales?


When visitors click on the link, they are are brought to an application form. If you can get a 161% increase in click through rates by simply changing a word, what else could be done to increase sales?

Isn’t It Time Your Website Made You More Money? Here’s a Secret: It’s All About Timing.

Last but not least in the plethora of revenue generating techniques in conversion optimisation science, a company called Highrise wanted to increase their sales.

They tested the words “Free Trial” and “Sign Up for a Free Trial” on their CTA but it didn’t make a substantial difference.

People were afraid to click on button because the offer of a free trial felt like were trapped into buying something. They felt they would have to give credit card details. A process most of us naturally feel reluctant to do. And it’s not just because of scams!

Have you come across buttons / links like that before? – Links that ask for your credit card details to start a free trial.

There are so many stories of people who can’t get out of a contract for months and it ends up costing them money and heartache!

Credit cards have come under much scrutiny lately. Most people are now turning away from credit devices, and for good reason. This makes the marketers job that much harder to get people to release their tight grip on credit card details.

Highrise simply changed the call to action to “See Plans and Pricing”. This simple change allowed visitors to explore without feeling the commitment of releasing financial details.


Asking a person to sign up before building value was the barrier that stopped people from following the link.

Before taking anyone home or asking for a date, you want to make sure you won’t regret it, right?

Same theory applies to clicking on a link.

The goal at this point for Highrise was to get the viewer to follow the link, not buy the product. Once the link was followed Highrise can build value around the product and persuade the viewer to buy.

The result of that simple change was a 200% increase in signups!

To get maximum conversions you will want to be able to measure how significant a small change to your call to actions will affect your conversions.

A/B testing allows you to measure and quantify what works and what doesn’t. A/B testing allows you to always be improving and finding high returning conversion strategies.

Conversion optimisation strategies blew my mind away when I saw the results. The best thing about them is that you fine tune your strategies so they become systems. Systems that will continue to bring you more money every time you release a product or market content.

Why not dip your toe into the sea of sales and try our CTA optimisation services?

We’ll design your call to actions and test them for maximum CTR’s and conversions because we want the same thing you do, and that’s to make YOU more money.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know that you could double your conversions without having to double your traffic?

Robert is the Chief Marketing Officer at Exodus Digital Marketing. He has achieved a 1st Class Honours B.A in Marketing from Vangaurd University, California, and 1st Class Honours M.B.S in Management Consultancy from UCD Smurfit Business School, Dublin, Ireland.
He has worked for companies like IBM and BT Telecommunications. He consults and trains small businesses in all things digital marketing. Learn more about us here

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