Ten Hotel Marketing & Advertising Secrets to Craft Effective Hotel Signages:

Ten Hotel Marketing and Advertising Secrets to Craft Effective Hotel Signages:

So you want to improve your hotel marketing and advertising? Crafting an effective Hotel Signage, makes your brand stand out from the competitive crowd. Captivating ‘creative’ thoughts drags in a lot of customers, as they cherish and enjoy each component that is made out of passion and brilliance.


Choosing the most enticing design for your Hotel Signage turns out the apprehensive key factor to your enhance your Business Identity and Branding. The following creative formulas aids in crafting beautiful and creative signages for your Hotels.


Formula 1: Hotel’s Logo

What is the first point that people or the customers get to notice about your Hotel? Isn’t it the ‘Logo’?

So, creating a ravishing logo would fairly end up playing the game for you; About fifty percent.

Convey the definitive purpose of the logo. Logo’s aid customers to associate with your ‘Brand’.

Make Simple and Understandable Logos, exercising a lot of complexities would lead to perplexities understanding your Logo.

Choice of attractive and appealing colours would have a greater impact.

Applying too much ‘Creativity’, would in-turn be a Creativity Disaster.

Careful working on labels of creativity is necessary while designing the Logo’s.

hotel marketing






Formula 2: Picky on the Wall Murals


Hitting down to all your destination and dream places, are quite ineffable.

But landing up to experience something of that kind would be fabulous right?

What if your Hotel provides one of that kind of experience to the customers? and well if it turns out to be catchy and welcoming, then comes the higher rates of recommendations.

That would sail all over bringing in a bouncy large crowd to your Hotel.

Filling the empty walls with an appealing mural is tempting and also a business tactile of engaging the customers.

Also, picking up the properly themed murals, that lures the customers would certainly require higher rates of diligence.


Formula 3: Play with the Vinyl Lettering

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The primary usage of the Vinyl lettering is on the windows, as it turns an easy advertising measure.

Now, bringing in those vinyl lettering to decorate the walls and floors would certainly turn out a surprise!

Fill in the empty walls of the rooms, which apprehends to the customer’s mood.  Turn the hotel room pleasing and cozy enough for the customer.

Writing bold messages in halls, corridors or in the Elevator space, keeps the customers engaged providing them something interesting to look, while they wait or walk… Right?


Formula 4: Hanging Signs


It’s the Informative free fall!

Hanging Signs are mostly used above the doors or sometimes from the ceiling, giving a heads up to the directions and to finding ways.

Crafting these signs with some creativity, would keep the customers intact and cherish on to the magnificent display of the craftsmanship and the archaic skills of design.

Mostly these signs are crafted with Acrylic or PVC’s.

When choosing on Acrylic it’s ‘Glossy-touch’ and easy customizability makes it one of the best choices when you think about devising Hanging Signs.


The Material choice of PVC is most suitable for devising the wayfinding and the directional hanging signs.

Also, adding up vinyl lettering or patterning in the ceiling/roof above would also make it look aesthetic!


Formula-5: Window decals

Hotel marketing window decal

When it comes to the design of interiors, it must be nothing but ‘Classic!

Vinyl decals mirror the classic look of the ‘Sandblast’ designs.

Getting the versatile look of ‘Sandblast’ designs, with Vinyl decals is comparatively easy and the glasses on windows are kept intact and unruptured.




Every window gives an opportunity to express your brand and the innate creativity you have got.

In most cases, it is considered as one of the eminent display icons for projecting your Business brands and Identity.

Designing simple and catchy window decal would always serve your purpose right!

grab your customer’s attention and for promote your business.”


Formula-6: Indoor door signs


Internal door signs are the indicators depicting the solid purpose of each room that are in and around the premises.

With Bright logos and welcoming sign boards, if you do not have Indoor door Sign..you fall short on the full perfection count!

The purpose of each room could be precisely given with the door signs to the visitors, without having the need to disturb the occupants!

The Indoor door signs are usually placed either to the left or right side of the Door. The door Sign holds the room numbers, the directions and the Lobby Signs.

Crafting Indoor signs, with a free-standing 3-D Lettering, gives a new creative outlook.The door signs could be made out from various materials that include Acrylics, Aluminum, Bronze, Brass, Stone, Wood and Steel.


Formula-7: Privacy Handlers


“Knock! Knock! …who’s on the door? ” the most annoying twang, that collapses the entire peace of your secluded time.

Knocking at the door, perfectly at inappropriate times completely turns a disgust. Privacy handlers just land upright, to stop people from intruding your private time!

Looking at the same “Do Not disturb” handler is monotonous and definitely boring. So why not we add some captivating and catchy phrases, that conveys the same diploid.

When a ‘Do Not Disturb’ is flip sided by “Shh… I am Reading Inside” or more creatively giving a pictorial representation of your catchy Phrase, is greatly demanding.


Formula-8: Interior wayfinding signage


Just four directions, but we are left with copious confusions.!


Finding the correct direction to your destination is one tiresome process.

Directions seem perfectly confusing all time. Wayfinding signs are proven to be the best problem solvers at this pitch.

It’s one of the suggested hotel Signages.Proper wayfinding sign boards guide customers to their appropriate locations rightly.


Why are the wayfinding signs significant?


It’s quite simple, when you are at an unfamiliar place and stuck with directions, Wayfinding signs make it easy for you, to know which directions you have to proceed and move on.

Forget being Lost at a new place, when you have the Wayfinding signs to help you out with the directions.

The Appropriate placing of the wayfinding signs also plays crucial role.

Decide Smart! Opting a better place to fit the wayfinding sign benefitting everyone is an essential.


So where exactly are the Interior wayfinding Signs required?


Right in front of the elevator door, stating which Floor they are in currently and in which direction their room is? Should they take the right or left to reach their destination is subtle important!

Providing wayfinding signs with directions is an inventive measure, and definitely an easy identification mark to the people to follow.

Similarly, wayfinding signs could also be placed on the stairway path, the emergency exits, lobbies and corridors, Just to make sure you are Safe with the directions game!


Formula-9: Neon Signs


Application of ‘Color’ is always tempting!

Neon Signs are considered Full-time advertising. They depict your Brand Bold and make it visible to most of the audience.

With the implications of Neon signs, you draw large customers to your hotel and that boosts your hotel’s revenue by about 30%.

Also, make sure you place the neon sign boards at an angle that is thoroughly visible, from all sectors and places.

Application of animation and attractive colours surges the tempt to drop in, to your Hotel.

Catchy Phrases, with minimal words depicted in a creative style, makes advertising with the neon signs highly effective and innovative!

Gaining Trust of the people is as much important as attracting customers. ‘Say It, Show It’, should be your call.

If you promise on Your brand, display and unleash it to the audience, and your Trust is doubled just that way!



Formula-10: Digital Display Banners

Trending and slaying now!!

Broad, Evident digital display banners inside your hotel lobbies and the corridors, projecting ads that are designed to be Classic creative, grabs customers attention and keeps them tangled to you!

We know, you are greatly connected to the world with your Smart Phones and may be bored because you are waiting in the lobby and walking through a boring and lifeless corridor.

But with the implication of the digital display banners, it’s easy to keep the customers engaged and intact, with the screening and innovative display ads.

If you have planned for a holiday, then you get the perfect list of various sightseeing options, which you could duly explore at your stay there.

As well get a definitive guide on the transport to reach your destinations as well.

Know more on the various amenities the Hotel has for you, exploit and never miss out on any of them.




These formulae work great and dwindle a greater stress factor for crafting beautiful hotel signages.

It also pours emphasis on primary areas that you will have to concentrate when taking creativity and innovation to be your key.

It’s Pretty evident that these Ideas would help your Hotel have a great Branding Identity and also aids in amplifying the Branding rate.

Your suggestions, give us utmost pleasure.

I have added my creative set of ideas and if I have missed out on any, You could add them and give a diversified picture for creating an effective Custom Hotel signage, wouldn’t you?


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