Enterprise Content Management : Is Your Business Thinking Beyond 2020?

Enterprise Content Management : Is Your Business Thinking Beyond 2020?

A Call to All Advertisers, Marketers, Business Consultants, IT Professionals and Business Owners.

The business growth puzzle in 2020 includes Content Management, Information Governance, Smart Process Applications, Collaboration and Social Technologies, Taxonomy and Metadata, Scanning and Capture, Content Analytics, Customer Engagement, and Search — and the lines between “unstructured” and “structured” information will further blur.

You will probably agree that the #1 threat to every brick and mortar business is the internet.

Business and process transformation requires comprehensive enterprise content management.

We understand that it is lack of awareness, first attempt failure, and resistance to change that stagnates local business growth.

Our goal at Exodus is to help businesses worldwide adapt, evolve and make sense of the information era. And we aim to educate business owners about the fast changing world of information technology.

A document by John Mancini, President of AIIM Executive Leadership Council, states we are now in the 6th era of Enterprise Content Management. He discusses the revolution that is being driven by Mobile, Analytics, Cloud and Collaborative Technologies.

You can read it here in full.

Document Outline: Find out what happened when they posed a series of hypotheses/trends about the future of content and information management to 56 senior executives drawn from organizations that both provide technology solutions and use those solutions. Their conversations, observations, and recommendations are recorded.

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He has worked for companies like IBM and BT Telecommunications. He consults and trains small businesses in all things digital marketing. Learn more about us here

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