Digital Marketing Tips You Need to Know in 2020

Digital marketing

Digital Marketing Tips You Need to Know in 2020

Digital marketing combines both analytical and creative strategies. Constantly updating and learning new skills is essential. With a passion to learn new things, anyone who wants to do well in digital marketing can be good and eventually be a master.

Digital disruptions are common. You may have a digital marketing strategy for your company but algorithm changes can result in revenue loss if you’re unable to keep up with the latest trend.

There are many branches of digital marketing, taking on the role of 2 to 3 in any of the highly-specialized disciples will be a huge help in growing your business. If you’re a freelancer, it may help you increase your earnings. Here are some trends any business owner should watch out for in 2020:

    1. Informative content

The phrase “content is king” is true. Blog articles or social media posts that offer high value to their audience are the ones that do well, build trust, and create followers that will purchase their services or products.

Content marketing has always been an essential part of digital marketing. Emphasis on the quality of the content should always be considered as people are getting smarter. Their need for good content is ever-evolving and so should your content. Learn to innovate. Don’t offer the same things over and over. There are always competitors that can offer in the future an improved version of your present offer.

    2.Chatbots wins in providing customer service

Chatbots are AI (Artificial intelligence) software that is designed to understand and respond to humans through written or spoken language. In the case of messenger chatbots, they are programmed to answer mostly simple questions but their ability to answer more complex ones depends on the one who created them. How far ahead the chatbot creator assumed possible questions from the audience for him to craft answers to them. Chatbots could be applied for customer service, e-commerce, and virtual assistance.

    3. Build communities

Social media platforms have been experiencing a decline in organic reach. Business owners can resort to paid ads to get more potential buyers but some just don’t stick around for long.

The solution is to build communities that offer exclusivity to members. It’s where they can hang out and share information that is relevant to them and to that group. Think of fans for a certain brand, actor, or singer. It’s a band of like-minded members that can talk, engage, share information all day about their favorites. This results in more loyalty to the brand if people feel that they are part of a community.

    4.Make an aim for position zero in the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages)

It used to be that every website owner’s dream is to rank 1 in the search engine pages but now here’s something better – position zero!. What is position zero? It is the first result that appears at the top of the page, just below the ads box. This is the featured snippet whose goal is to provide an immediate answer to user questions.

If you ever get this coveted space in the SERPs you’ll get an immediate improvement in click- through-rate. There is a tried and tested recipe for achieving this:
● Create long-form instructional content
● Make content that is in a list form
● Content should be able to answer who, what, when, where, how, why questions from
● Add FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) in the content
● Create content that can answer voice search

    5.Content should cover all stages of the funnel

A funnel is a process that a visitor or traffic needs to go through before conversion. It is the steps that a customer goes through from a potential customer to buyer. Only the most interested ones reach the bottom of the funnel. Most searchers reach a website or landing page with an intention. It’s either to get information about a product or to make a purchase. To engage potential customers to reach the bottom of the funnel, create content that will cover all the funnel stages so there is less chance for them to lose interest in your offer.

Having a digital edge requires a new mindset and a different approach. Thinking of the customer value in every step of the sales funnel is crucial in crafting innovative offers that are attractive to them. The goal of digital channels is to encourage a long and nurturing relationship with the customer.

Understanding your audience, increasing their awareness, building your campaigns around their needs, constantly communicating with them, monitoring campaigns, and adjusting them accordingly, and offering solutions to their problems are all essential in digital marketing.

Putting these tips into action on your strategies will help you adapt to the changing landscape of digital marketing.

Mia Clarke is part of the content and community team at, experts in all things video wall and display solutions. When Mia is not spreading the word about video walls she is often found discovering the great outdoors, walking or cycling.

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