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The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on App Store Optimization Has Arrived!!!


With over 2 million apps currently present within the mobile device market, it can be challenging for any new comer to be found without spending boatloads of cash. Meaning, if you’re looking for folks to get their eyes on your prize, it is imperative that you understand the basic principals of app store optimization.

What is App Store Optimization (ASO)?

App store optimization is a free marketing strategy that helps mobile app’s to gain stronger organic visibility. In this article we will break this process down into two factors: primary and secondary.

Remember: Better visibility generates more views and increases downloads.

Before you begin to make the modifications discussed below, we suggest that you brand-storm and create a list of keywords that your potential customers will be searching with.

Why Go for ASO and How Does it Work?

For an average game app like Rummy, for example, app store search results make up for a huge number of their profits. The same will hold true for your app, as well. In short, organic search results are exactly what you want if you plan on generating success in the booming game app market.

Now get ready for some SUPER EXCITING news!!?

You currently have an advantage because many organizations are not optimizing their apps properly. Yes, it’s true that many developers are getting better it, but if you are willing to take the time to perfect this skill NOW, you will be able to reach at the top before everyone else does!

Image of App Store Optimization Examples

Primary Factors that Matter with ASO

    Similar to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) keyword research, ASO keyword research ensures that you are using the appropriate terms that your target customers are typing into the app store browser to find what they are looking for.  Tools like App Annie and AppTweak help in this regard.  Once your list is generated, be sure to include them in your app description.
    The name/title of your app should be a trending keyword or related to a trending keyword, so that it appears in it’s relevant category. This increases the possibility of your app’s search ranking by almost 10%. Please note, however, that app titles should not be redundant or too lengthy. Instead, they should be information rich and precise to their function.
    Integration of high-frequency keywords (established during your keyword research) in the app description is of utmost importance. The description should be written from the user’s perspective and all the features of the app should be explained in a clear and concise manner.
    Scrable letters writing out 'Description' for App Store Optimization Description Secrets
    Trailers for your game provide a unique opportunity to connect with your potential customers. In addition to providing live glimpse of the app’s user interface, videos can also solidify the decision of whether your prospect really wants to select download or not.
    Similar to video trailers, screenshots help to show your app’s user interface & features.App/Game example for App Store Optimization Must Know Details

Secondary factors

    Reviews influence your app/brand as well. They are directly related to the user experience of the current customers. Apps with higher ratings and reviews are ranked higher in the queue. So remember, as you gain new customers, be sure to deliver the best user experience for them, so that they will ultimately leave reviews that help others find your app more easily. It’s a win-win situation for everyone!Examples of App Store Optimization Reviews
    The whole point of focussing on ASO is to increase the number of downloads. Because, lets face it, the higher the number of downloads, the higher the rank of the app. Period!
Paid Marketing campaigns also help develop relevance, but that's for later


App developers and promoters need to think from the user’s perspective and what THEY are searching for. Additionally, it’s important to remember that their app is one of millions on the market and until they are firmly established, it would behoove them to spend 80% of their time promoting their app however they can.

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