7 Ways to Never Run Out of Fresh Content Ideas

7 Ways to Never Run Out of Fresh Content Ideas

You are convinced now, more than ever, that you made a good decision to blog. Your blogging experience has made you a better writer and you have interacted with more people than you would have, had you sat back and just said to yourself that you have nothing to say. Congratulation!  You’re ready to keep pressing ahead.

In order to continue enjoying the blogging benefits, it is necessary to extend as much effort as possible, so that you never run out of things to say.

Enters the question: Where do I need to focus my efforts so I never run our of fresh content ideas?

Honestly, there is a striking a balance between what you like writing about and what will be sustainable and beneficial for your blog.  Developing a blend of the two is how you will succeed and feel great about your results.

Here are 7 ways to never run out of fresh content ideas

1. Research and read widely

It does not matter if you are blogging about the most obvious things in life or the most complex, you must read and read widely. Life never stops teaching, and as each day goes by, things are bound to change to fit into the ever changing ways of how people live and look at things.

As you read more, you also start to look at things from different perspectives. You can always use whatever new thing you read about and make it relevant to your blog and appealing to your audience.

2. Pay attention to your competitors

help your audience in your contentSee what your competitors and others in your line of concern are discussing and blogging about. Read the comments from their audiences and use that to determine what your audiences want and what they don’t. Build on any relevant information and easily come up with new content to include in your next topic.

Here, you will also learn what kind of content to stay clear off, particularly if you find it having little or no following or it seems to draw negative energy from the audience.

3. Join social media, if you haven’t

Social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and so on are the place to be if you are to keep pace with whatever is going on around the world. Join these and you will easily find new content ideas to write about.

4. Look for gaps in other peoples’ blogs

Man on laptop with mangnifying glassWhen you stumble across another persons’ blog post, have a questioning mind that does not take everything written at face value. Asking yourself, ‘if the author looked at all possibilities with the content’, will help you dig deeper and find ways to develop more content of your own.

No matter how convincing a piece of content is, no matter how long the writer has been writing, there is bound to be something that seeks more clarification. Find these gaps and use them to your advantage by producing your own content that allows the reader to feel fulfilled.

5. Entertain yourself and keep yourself open to inspiration

Image from clearkryptonite.wordpress.com

When you are at that point where you need a brain jumpstart to get another blog idea, you might as well put off everything else on hold and entertain yourself. Look for something that inspires you, something that relaxes you, like taking a walk in the park, watching a play, a movie or even dancing.

It is this inspiration that gets your creativity back on course. It frees your mind of any stagnant energy and you will soon begin to have great ideas flowing once rejuvenated. List all the ideas that come up and schedule them on your calendar for your upcoming posts.

6. Use comments from your audience

Make your blog interactive and encourage comments or questions from your audience. Also make a point of always leaving questions for your audience at the end of your blog post.

Take time to read this feedback and use the questions and comments as the base content material for your future post. This way, you are sure not to run dry on content to share for a long time.

Most often the questions your audiences ask are because they want to improve their lives or they want to make their lives easier. Use these questions to dig and devour fresh content to publish.

7. Recycle old content

Recycled-Content-BothWhen you have utilized all other means of getting new ideas and still, nothing… turn to your older posts. You will be surprised at how many changes you can make on them to actually come up with more content.

You may find that one was not comprehensive enough or there are some explanations you forgot to give. You can revise and update all older publications and make them even more engaging with your audience, and there, you’ll have another thing to publish.

As much as it is easy to run out of content, you will realize it is possible to never run out of content. Get more creative; be inspired more and you will be blogging all year round!

Jason Walberg is responsible for coordinating and implementing SEO & SMO strategies for clients. He is goal oriented, possess exceptional attention to detail, and has outstanding interpersonal skills. He received his Master’s in Education Technology from Pepperdine University after getting his undergraduate degree from Saint Mary’s College in Moraga.

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