5 Tips to Increase Brand Awareness Online

5 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness Online

With so much competition between businesses and more companies than ever competing for the limelight, brand awareness becomes less of a buzzword and more of a tangible metric that many businesses aim to improve.

Many brands believe that the most important technique of increasing brand awareness is through engagement with customers. Indeed, customer experience is crucial not only for retaining loyal consumers but also attracting new ones and this is best achieved by portraying your brand as a reliable and a confident market influencer.

Advertising, social sharing and brand giveaways are all good methods to use when aiming to increase brand awareness online, though it is most advised to consider which methods are going to help you deliver results.

Homepage Video Content

If a user has taken the time to visit your website, it’s likely they are interested in your products or services, however it is your job to engage them with your brand and build in brand trust – and rich media on the homepage is the perfect candidate.

Not only does it provide eye catching content straight off the bat. You can convey your brand’s values, activities and even associated brand colours through the video itself; An excellent way of creating brand identity.

This gives the opportunity to link customers with your brand and to make them feel emotionally involved rather than it simply being displayed to them on a rather non-engaging platter.

  • Emotional response increases chances of user interaction – sharing, buying and commenting
  • Ability to convey brand values without the need for text

Using External Platforms

Spreading awareness of your brand image on various online platforms is perhaps the most obvious point; however it is also the most essential.

Shops use the Amazon marketplace to sell their goods. Agencies create directory listings – not only for SEO, but to get their brand name out there and on relevant platforms. Even Google is a platform for displaying search results! Ergo, the more popular the platform, the more likely you will increase brand awareness online.

Utilizing a diverse manner of platforms on which to feature your brand can improve awareness of your company significantly. For example, furniture retailers can list their business on Houzz, whilst also being able to sell their products and create content to drive sales – all on 1 platform.

Naturally, the more useful a platform, the more likely it will cost money.

Social Media

You can never overestimate how helpful Social Media can be with increasing brand awareness. The number of consumers interacting with brands on social media increases year by year, with 67% of customers using social media for customer service, as reported by Social Media Today.

Suffice to say, a large number of your target audience can be reached through these various social channels.
It is down to you to debate which social platforms would provide the most potential for engaging your audience. It is worth taking some time to research what social media platforms your competitors are using most and what methods they use on each – then imitate.

Popular London department store Harrods has recently released a case study of how they increased their brand trust through social media communications.

Consider a Loyalty Program

Brand loyalty programs are currently all the rage in the hotel & airline industries – with banking providers hot on their heels, offering rewards for their customer’s continued custom.

According to Collinson Latitude, offering a more diverse set of rewards and personalised offers increases customer loyalty. Indeed, customer’s need to see the value of these rewards work for them before they are prepared to become loyal, lifetime customers. If you can deliver value and a customised, personalised reward scheme – your customers will thank you with their repeat custom.

Incentivising your offers can also be a great way to get new customers through the door. Graze for example; offer you £1 off your box and your friend’s 1st, 5th and 10th boxes free when you refer them. This is an excellent method of customer acquisition and can be modified to suit various campaigns and types of offer.

Paid Advertising

When all the inexpensive options have been exhausted, consider biting the bud and paying for strategic advertising. Influential search engines like Google and Bing offer pay per click adverts, displaying your brand alongside relevant search results.

Social media advertising is also taking off as a successful technique for building brand value, again due to the large amounts of customers who use social media platforms. These adverts aim to be more subtle as they are displayed in the users feed; appearing more akin to shared content than an advert – thus increasing the likelihood of a click through.

It is advised when looking into Paid Advertising, to consider these points:

  1. Conduct extensive keyword research using tools such as Google keyword planner and Google trends to get an insight
  2. Consider in depth your demographic and intended target audience – any clicks from irrelevant users is wasting money and affecting your ROI.
  3. Targeting users with ads on relevant blogs is effective, but always check their analytical data before committing to a partnership


Finally, it is important to state that your brand’s main concern is appealing to your customer base, therefore an investment of knowledge and passion for your market niche is paramount in connecting with your demographic, and can be extended to many other forms of your business – including employee acquisition. Increase brand awareness online today! Get in touch

Mark works as a digital marketing consultant and in his free time enjoys mountain biking, web design and a nice cold glass of cider!

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