5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs To Embrace Snapchat

Stop Ignoring Snapchat – 5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs To Embrace Snapchat as a Marketing Platform

Snapchat… ain’t nobody got time for that, right? With businesses already juggling Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a ton of other social media marketing channels, do we really need to throw another one into the mix? No one wants to be Jack of Social Networks and Master of None…

But in fact, Snapchat could be the key to breathing a whole new lease of life into your business’ digital marketing efforts.

A Little Bit Of History

Like most social networks, Snapchat began life as an obscure little channel, with a modest user base of teenagers, uploading selfies and sending funny 10 second videos which self-destruct after 24 hours.

But that was before its reinvention. Although its functionality of short temporary video communication remains mostly the same, in 2014, Snapchat had a resurgence of sorts and since then has fought its way up the ranks to become one of the most popular social channels around, boasting over 100 million daily active users.

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs To Embrace Snapchat

1. It Has A Fast Growing, Engaged User Base

Snapchat’s stats alone make a compelling enough argument for brands to jump on board. 100 million daily active users is no humble feat, especially when considering that Twitter racks up just 320 million monthly active users. In fact, Snapchat is now significantly more popular than Pinterest or LinkedIn and is quickly catching up to Instagram and Facebook.

Its users are primarily aged 18-25, so if your brand targets this demographic, this channel could be the most effective way to reach them. And its popularity shows no signs of slowing; from May 2015 to May 2016, its daily video views have increased by 400% and users are now watching a staggering 10 billion snaps per day. Snapchat is not a micro-trend, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

2. It’s Quick And Easy To Use

The inconvenience of getting to grips with a whole new channel, its features and technology can be a major deterrent for companies when considering embracing another social network. [Especially when everyone usually stuck trying to figure out how to maneuver around Facebook’s newest updates, thank you very much].

For the uninitiated, the whole businesses of real-time video marketing can seem daunting but, actually, Snapchat is extremely quick and easy to use and takes almost no time to pick up. Unlike many other video marketing platforms like YouTube, you don’t need to edit your content: Just record and upload. You don’t require any camera or photography skills and, in fact, the more natural and authentic your content is, the better!

3. Creativity And Innovation

For businesses that have been using Facebook and Twitter for years, it can be hard to come up with new ideas and keep your content fresh, even with the constant updates and new features that are added.

Using Snapchat allows you to experiment and stay ahead of the curve. Although many big brands have experimented with Snapchat, it’s still fairly unchartered territory for small to medium sized businesses. And, like with all things, early adopters of new channels and technology always have an advantage.

Yes, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and blogs are still relevant and will be for a while to come, but real-time video marketing is the future and other social networks are keenly aware of this; with both Facebook and YouTube currently placing a lot of emphasis on their livestreaming services.

Furthermore, the tone of Snapchat is just different to other social networks. As snaps are impermanent (your followers can only view them once and they disappear after 24 hours) it’s much more casual and as mentioned previously, authenticity on this platform is key. By doing video tours or your office, Q and A’s with your staff or showing your products on camera, you have the chance to add a more human element to your brand. It’s experimental and a platform based on having fun!

4. There Are So Many Ways To Use It

As Snapchat is relatively new in terms of marketing, businesses can be incredibly creative with how they use it to reach and engage people.

Of course, you can pay to advertise sponsored content and feature in Snapchat’s ‘Discover’ section. Or you can pay to create your own filter, as Pepsi and Dominos Pizza have done successfully. As millions of people create snaps using your feature, you will gain a sensational amount of exposure.

Image of Snapchat Discover Section

But if you don’t have the big bucks to dish out, there are other ways to market through Snapchat, For example, you can create your own Geofilter – an overlay which can provide information on your location or what you’re doing. This can be extremely beneficial if you want to show people where your business is located or if you’re relocating or launching a new store. These are very inexpensive, costing just a few pounds/dollars.

Then, of course, you can simply set up your own free account. As snaps disappear after 24 hours, brands are using Snapchat to offer their followers exclusive discounts and promotions and run competitions – all great ways to increase engagement and create buzz about your brand. One person who has used this to their advantage is Kylie Jenner, who gives her Snapchat followers exclusive information about when her products are launching and, as a result, in addition to crashing her website, the first round of inventory sold out in lest than one minute and the 2nd round in less that 20… at £22/$29 per kit, you do the math.

Image of Kylie Jenner's Instagram post, promoting her Snapchat channel for her Lip-Kits

5. Influencer Marketing

Many bloggers and celebrities in particular have seen huge success on Snapchat ,as it’s a much more intimate channel; when a celebrity talks to the camera, it can often feel like they are speaking directly to you. This means there’s ample opportunity for brands to engage in some influencer marketing.

Many Irish and Northern Irish brands have connected with local bloggers, paying them to review products on Snapchat or hold sponsored giveaways for their followers. Of course, brands must be mindful of ensuring that influencers disclose ads and sponsorship but this is a great way of putting your product or service in front of a targeted and highly engaged audience and again, because it’s a new form of advertising, people are often more open to it.

5 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs To Embrace Snapchat – Conclusion

As business owners and marketers, we’re often advised not to bite off more than we can chew in terms of social media marketing and try to master a few key channels before taking on any more. However, the argument for Snapchat is too compelling to ignore – especially if you’re trying to target those ever-difficult to engage 18-25 year old millennials.

Its numbers are impressive, you have so many marketing options and it’s really not that difficult to master. A little bit of effort to get ‘down with the kids’ could go a long way. If snap chat is not your thing then think about search engine optimisation for gaining traffic and brand awareness. Visit belfast seo to learn more.

So we’re curious… Were there enough reasons why your brand needs to embrace Snapchat here for you to actually start snapping?  Let us know in the comments below or with your shares or tweets!

Written by Lana Richardson, digital marketer specialising in content, viral and social media marketing. Lana is the current blog editor for NIParcels.com

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