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Enterprise Content Management : Is Your Business Thinking Beyond 2020?

Is Your Business Thinking Beyond 2020 With It’s Content

The current climate in the eCommerce section of the internet is steering customers from acknowledging the ads that are pushed infront of them to a place where they find the solutions for their challenges on their own. Enters ‘Content Marketing’, and why (if you’re not doing it) you’re going to get lost in the sauce.

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Guest Posting : Submit a Guest Post Today

Seeking Content Marketers Looking to Develop More Authority

If can write an article on one or more of the following, read on & apply: Web Analytics, Conversion and Landing Page Optimization, A/B Testing, Social Media / Networking Marketing, Case Studies / Unique Finding that involve KISSmetrics products, Start Up Mindset, Growth Hacking Tools & Tips, Digital Marketing, etc…

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Free Online Website Builders | 6 Reasons NOT to Make a Website

9 Reasons To Help you Figure Out If You Should or SHOULDN’T Build Your Own Website

These include the reasons why you might think making your website with a free online website builders and free website creator software is a good idea… as well as the reasons to stay away from making your own website with these tools. Read on. Let us know if you have questions.

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Internet Marketing Belfast, Northern Ireland

The 3 Simplest Ways To Attract New Prospects:

Internet marketing is the most cost efficient practice of reaching your targeted market. This post breaks down HOW TO ATTRACT targeted prospects, generate leads, and finally, how to build a line of communication with your new potential customers through email marketing and social media to convert those leads into sales.

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What is Long Tail Keyword Research & How to Do It in 2016

The Best Way To Magnetically Generate Traffic With Key Words

The goal of this article is to save you from wasting the time and money waist that I did when I first started with keyword research and search engine optimisation, This post shares how to attract ready-to-buy prospects via SMART keyword research. Discover how simple ranking is when you know my long-tail secrets. Read On!

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Introduction to Adwords

Adwords Could Be a Stifling Money Suck | So Learn From The Veterans! !

Discover how Adwords can act as your virtual salesperson who travels the whole town, city, county, country or world to reach your target audience in places that you can’t! Let this article be the solution to help you invest in your ads intelligently, versus burn through it like I did when I got started.

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How Solution Selling Can Grow Your Business

The Four Stages of Solution Selling for Products and/or Services

The difference between ‘solution selling’ and ‘feature selling’ is that solution selling is about customer satisfaction, customer perceived value and trust. If you believe you have to give your products away to compete online, please read this article and let us know if you need more guidance.

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The Art of Being a Sales Copywriter

Uncover The Secrets to Epic Content and Viral Shares Right Now

Today, technology gives us raw data that proves exactly what works & what doesn’t. I discovered an extraordinary fact, that may surprise you… Learn new secrets to powerful headlines, 3 surprising facts you didn’t know about copy length, how to make your links more irresistible and more!

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4 Quick & Simple Webform Improvements for Explosive Results.

If You Currently use Webforms You’ll love these Improvements. If You’re New to Webforms, You Just Got a Headstart

Why spend money on paid traffic, when you can make money from your current traffic? This article unveils how form design is very often overlooked when it comes to getting more sales from current traffic for no cost at all. Read On!

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3 Ways to Engage Visitors and Create Explosive Online Sales with Psychology

What to Consider When Trying to Persuade Potential Customers to Take Action on Your Website

You only have 3 seconds to move yourself into the line (of what seems like a speeding bullet of a visitor) and grab hold of them on their journey. Once you have them, just like traffic signs, you have to give them clear evidence & direction for them to stay. To learn to guide them from the point they saw you, to what you have for them… Read on!

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How to Create Your Own Virtual Fleet of Hardcore Sales Professionals!

How Your Website Can Act As An Entire Team Of Virtual Sales Professionals

This article is about creating a basic lead generation system. Specifically, you will learn to create viral content, get it ranked 1st on Google with some SEO, engage your audience with lead generation technology, and then convert those leads into sales. Read On!

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What is Social Proof?

One of These Unknown Facts about Social Proof Could Be Your Missing Link

Find out why & how social proof influences the customer, where to place it, AND discover how it lowers your marketing costs and increase revenue! Start conversion ratio optimisation today by integrating social proof, then sit back, relax, and watch marked improvements in your business revenue.

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A/B Testing: Technology That’s Changing the Rules of Business

Inside the Technology That’s Changing the Rules of Business

There was a time when only companies with deep pockets held the answer to generating more sales through web traffic. Today, technologies have leveled the playing the field. This post uncovers how A/B testing is available & affordable for everyone and how you can leverage it to increase profits. Read On.

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