10 Reasons Why Pinterest Marketing is Necessary for Your Business

10 Reasons why Pinterest Marketing is Necessary for Your Business

In terms of marketing your business online, social media engagement is one of the best. However, which particular social media should you get into? If you are already into Facebook and have created a page, then you are in for a good start.

Now, the next step you should consider would be to pin with the leader in visual social media networks which is none other than Pinterest.

Pinterest is a social media which is solely based on images. It can actually be compared to the leading social media giant Facebook since it has an increasing number of fans of over 700 million and still counting. So if you want your business to be big, then here are some of the reasons why you should start doing some Pinterest marketing stuff:

1. Build your brand

Spotlight on a the titleBy using Pinterest as a marketing platform, you could personalize your page to your business name along with a company logo in order to reach maximum exposure whenever pinning an image. You can even add a paragraph which would outline your business’ website and information and even link it to your Facebook and/or Twitter accounts. If your business has various services or products, you can also categorize them into various pinboards.

2. Gain new customers

As soon as your pin gets popular in various pinboards, you could still get a number of views even if they are pinned. And as long as your pins are pinned by other users, you could get a higher chance of gaining newer customers in the process.

3. Receive website traffic

In order to send traffic to your website via Pinterest, all you have to do is to use the hover button which has directly led to your site. This is actually helpful for users to pin images directly from your website and even check your site at the same time. Other than that, Pinterest has a guided editor which could provide help in navigating through the pages quickly and easily.

4. Gain insights on market trends

Carts and graphs in professional services environmentPinterest allows you to do market research by providing an insight on the latest market trends, including what your customers prefer the most. By taking a look at how they build their own pinboards, you can find out what they prefer along with the other products which are in the trend.

5. Gain authority in your specific industry

Since you can do market research, you could be able to change your ways towards being an authority in Pinterest. With the use of quality photos and descriptions, you could actually target them to what most new users are looking for. Pinterest marketing allows you quick access to niche markets.

6. Enhance customer engagement via contests

Man being awarded for best newcomerPinterest contests allow you to increase your customer engagement. You could begin by hosting a photo contest for the best photo which has your business logo included in it. This will surely start a pinning spree around the world with your logo, which is actually instant marketing for your brand. Other than being shared to your shares, your brand could also get shared with your friends, which might become potential customers as well.

7. Free marketing

Pinterest uses followers and images which need to increase their popularity. In short, the more interesting a photo is, the higher the chances that it will be pinned by other users. It means that you no longer have to spend more money on a content marketing strategy, since all you have to do is to pick the right description and a quality image to pin.

8. Increase your sales

Posting your photos around Pinterest enables you to increase exposure to various pinners while boosting your sales as well. You could create various pinboards for every audience you are targeting that will encourage them to patronize your business.

9. Longer exposure of your posts

Pinterest pins last 1,600 times longer than Facebook posts on average. As time passes by, as your pin is shared by other users, it will still get exposure by being pinned all around Pinterest. Other than that, you don’t even have to go through the process of pinning over and over again just to get the exposure that your pins need.

9. An excellent strategy for SEO

Seach engine success drawn on clearboard by professional in suitWith how Pinterest works, keywords are still considered important. If you search for a particular keyword in Google, you could be able to find a Pinterest pin coming up with various pinboards containing the product or result you are searching.

10. Promote your sales for free

Hiring someone to pin your images is no longer necessary. All you need is to take a great shot, pick the right description and then post it online. You don’t even have to spend a dollar just to make it work.

Pinterest is actually not just about fashion or other girly stuff. With the way pinning works, you might want to rethink and reconsider your pinterest marketing strategy and get yourself into Pinterest.

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